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Day 5,886, 18:24 Published in Russia Russia by Bragge Schorsch De Elite
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Great story ahead, I was looking for sucateir2, he usually is in Poland, where his resident is, and is waiting like a spider for his prey. Considering the amount of battles he has to watch, he has a lot of work to do. Poor sucateir2. Oh wait, he got his script. For me, it has some good sides, when he moves his fat and ugly ass, I know he is persecuting someone [nice to know: when he commented under the post of “Guide in town” and said he is gonna “talk” with the player…. I died of laughing, I know from a friend all he do is ask money or threat to steal, but with honour and no coward lol]. So I moved to japan and hunted successfully even if he and his agro-sidekick are saying I always lose and got a nice “THANK YOU message” from that player. He even refused the gold I took for him from suca, so we began to hunt together and he told me of another persecutor, wantan tanaka (idk if its spell correctly I post you link) https://www.erepublik.com/de/citizen/profile/1506618

me, bragge aka robin from the hood, started to look for this guy. seems he uses the same scripts as suca (good master good pupil) or those two m************ took care of him and this time (see I admit) they won. a good hunter has patience and here we go.


I hit first on portugay side, so that I don’t mess up the battle. As you can see, I was not concerned of taking medals from “innocent” player, EAS is protecting all Portuguese battles since they started losing a lot of gold to me in air battles. My friend SaiN hit with me, trying to protect portugay's sky hero. I said thanks and moved to japan and with platos great Christmas gifts (many stingars/air bazookas from power spin) I successfully passed wantan Japanese guy. Yeah I know that’s racist, but that’s funny so put to stick out of your ass and laugh. It took a few minutes and it changed many times, but after I made a high damage on both sides, SaiN decided to help me (I was watching the battle all time even if the holy brotherhood doesn’t steal last minute, only me) and hit for Portugay. I watched and waited, then I helped my helping friend and got both medals.

TLDR: EAS sucks, Watan Tanga as well, I rule and win 2x sky hero 😃

Here a symbolic gif of their firepower in that airbattle