Hunt the Hunters to prevent the Hunted to be hunted sucessfully

Day 5,865, 04:52 Published in Russia Russia by Bragge Schorsch De Elite

Waidmann's Hail my dear Hunterfriends

The new week had an excellent start, two succesfull hunts and now I need your help.
Triariii deleted his comments, or, because he used some bad words, got them deleted, is furious and raging. I saw him bite his keyboard in anger. So the hunt beginns...

Steal a sky hero reward from Triarii, make a screenshot, send it to me or share it to get 75 000 cc reward

It also would be nice, to tell him why you stole from him. Send greetings from De Elite.
Speaking of De Elite, I want you to rest for a while and think at our friend Smee, who left the game because of some, and i chose a non-insulting description, bad and mean players. Never forget him.