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Day 5,849, 02:53 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by EPThompson

or Who Should You Vote For?

Hi! My name is EPThompson and I'm on the TRS Congress candidates list.

I joined eRep in October of 2023. I have no interest in endless quarrels. I have interest in helping new players. I think we should do everything to keep the new blood here, in the game. It's the only way we can make eRep more interesting

So, what policies do the UK parties offer to address this issue? Let's see

TUP doesn't have an election manifesto
WRP doesn't have an election manifesto
UKRP doesn't have an election manifesto
BEP doesn't have an election manifesto

TRS' manifesto is not that big: the Spamicans party promises Activity, Ambitions and Assurance. Sadly, I would say that the today's elections are more about individual players than about some kind of political program.

However, the TRS party has more new players in the Congress candidates list than any other party. I think that's not a coincidence. It's the TRS party members who told me everything about the game and helped me to get on my feet. I think that regardless of partisanship quarrels we should acknowledge that the TRS members are doing good job in giving newcomers a proper welcome.

And I'm not saying that there are no good players in other parties. There are a lot of them: Mr. Immanuel Kant who runs BUPA welfare program, Select28 who runs NHS program, Huey George who always answers questions and is in my opinion the greatest Minister of Defense... It's a shame we have to choose between these fine people and fine people in the TRS Party.

I think that to create real unity we should all unify around one cross-partisan Helping Newcomers program. I promise to work with everyone (no matter from what party) to create such program. We need proper guidance, welfare, Tutorials and maybe even some kind of advertisement to make sure that more new players come to eUK and stay playing here.

So, this is my humble election Manifesto.

I would really appreciate your support in these Congressional Elections! o7