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Day 5,847, 02:24 Published in Hungary Romania by K R A T O S.

Hello dear readers,

I have something very important to share with you! Is about a in-game mechanic not everybody knows about it, let me show you:

The number of potential congress seats is locked on the 23rd at 02:00 eRep time and it remains locked until the 27th at 00:00 eRep time, which means that the number of potential seats will remain locked by the number of regions country owned on the 23rd at 02:00, regardless if the regions change their ownership in the "locked" period.

The elections are held if the country controls at least one region. If the country has no regions under its control, no elections are held.

So this is why you won't have congress this month. I take this as a big L... someone has to take responsibility🙁🙁🙁

I know is hard... especially to find your regions (where are they, btw?)... but so is life, hard...

But not for all of us! Let me show you this rare photo of eHun Army HQ:

Wow... they look so happy! What's their secret? Ask them and after please comment so we can all be happy together!


Thanks for reading!

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