If the Game is in Crisis, Should We Do Something About It? [write 25 comments]

Day 5,831, 03:46 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by EPThompson

It's been almost a month since I started playing this game. I still don't understand a lot, but you guys helped me with the main thing - to grasp the general mood. The general mood is this: the game is dying, the developers are just sucking money out of us, but regardless we will play. This mood is the mood of the captain of a sinking ship. It even evokes a kind of respect.

I really like an active political and economic life, although it was much more active in the previous years, judging by the words of the old guard (you). But newcomers usually come for the military module and fall off quite quickly (because it's boring). We have to be realistic: at some point there will be too few new players. The game will stagnate. The game will turn into Farmville.

But shouldn't the captain do everything to save his ship?

Shouldn't we be saving the vitality of the eUK community you've spent so many years building? Shouldn't we cling to every newcomer and not only explain to him the rules and give weapons, but also actively involve them in political and economic modules? The Congress is a beginner's path to the political module. Shouldn't we commit to keeping him active and healthy?

Maybe we should be a little more courageous? Make our political module interesting again - rather than "I vote for my party because it's my party"? Make some serious foreign policy plans, for example, regarding Northern Ireland? Literally anything is better than to tread water like we do it now.

We must not stagnate if we want the community to live.

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