[Beta4CP]The Manifesto

Day 5,826, 11:07 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Betafoxtrot

On the 5th of November you will have a choice. A Foxtrot Government promises double MoD Rewards, active Ministries, more focus on new players and retention, and an engaging eRep experience. My opponent promises little, and as we have seen delivers even less.

The eUK needs a stronger Government. We have seen no increase in training wars. Misplaced region swapping. Thirty identical MoD articles repeating the same information at the expense of pushing giveaways, games and the Government's own information out of the latest news. The MoD/F has published three articles, each with, sadly, little engagement. We have been told we have a Minister of Education and Foreign Affairs, but we have heard nothing from them. The lack of activity in these areas is so stark that I'll award 10Q7 to anyone who can name them!

The work of the Cabinet affects everyone. We cannot allow for such lethargy at the seat of Government, and so to tackle it I will first appoint active Ministers, publish key policies, and make it clear who is responsible for what. We will be accountable, and not invisible.

Applications to my Cabinet are still open, and every applicant will be considered on their enthusiasm and capability. I will not stoop to hand out key Government posts in return for PP support. The eUK deserves better!


First and foremost I wish to raise expectations for Cabinet members. It is incredibly disappointing to me that we allow such low levels in activity in the highest Offices of State. To make amends for this I will ensure that the government will publish articles and reports weekly to ensure our citizens are kept informed of all matters. Transparency is key in any good government.

Each Ministry and the funds it is responsible for will provide a mission statement, outlining their remit and any specific projects they will run. This ensures new and old players alike, as well as congress know what their taxes are being spent on and what to expect. For example, the Ministry of Entertainment will describe their approach to competitions,the Ministry of Defence will describe what rewards they will give out and their costs and so on.

Lastly, streamlining our health offering. For too long the NHS and BUPA have worked independently of each other with differing systems and offerings. I would like to finally cement these together into one government funded arms-length organisation so that we can pinpoint and monitor the new players and expand what we are able to offer. I would like to bring Select and MIK into a discussion to ensure the smooth transition of both and see them run the new department.


A totally neglected aspect of the eUK this past month is the sudden expansion of our population, as many new players have signed up and many old players have returned. Both need support joining eRepublik. I will bring back the new player guarantee & rewards entitlement. To remind you of what that was the government will GUARANTEE that every new registration to the eUK will be contacted within a week of starting. They will be provided with a starters bundle consisting of:
- 1000 energy of food
- 20 Q7 guns
- A named Mentor
- Links to tutorials from their mentor
- A one week check in and two week check in from their Mentor.
- Access to a rewards pot to encourage them into the game.

This month I’ve noticed new players taking a higher interest in the economics side of the game. To promote this part of the game I will create and actively promote subsidies for new player companies. Subsidies and grants are nothing new but there is no effort made towards letting people know of their existence or how to apply, or worse the information is buried in walls of text. New players have reported struggling with low storage, as it is taken up by their FRM and WRM rewards from the daily missions. I will ensure there are grants available for new players to expand their storage.

To compliment the above, we will offer more education on how to run successful companies, including new player recommendations. This will be embedded in the eUK tutorial and mentoring resources.

If you were ever to look through the population you’ll notice a lot of people called citizen followed by a large number. These are people who’ve started playing using the eRepublik app. They do not appear to play for long, but could have been engaged citizens with the right support. I will host discussions on how to enhance the experience for app users and identify how to best support them on the app or get them on the browser version.

There will be a rethink on how gov advice and programs can be advertised to new players rather than lengthy, impenetrable walls of text to navigate through.

The Wiki Renaissance fund will be a small envelope of funds used to reward wiki editors for updating eUK pages, including tutorial materials. The Wiki pages are a great resource, but long neglected. New players signing up today try to use the wiki and find it out of date, so we have to do everything we can to encourage contributors to update key pages.This includes the eUK tutorial, which will be built upon and added to, with ingame articles summarising key themes so new-player assistance is always close at hand, for whoever may find themselves for mentors and mentees alike.

Something I have mentioned in previous months and would like to highlight again is PMQs. This will be a weekly discussion with congress where everyone will have an opportunity to ask any questions they may have. This will then be published in an article the same week with all the questions and responses and will be part of a broader article updating you on what has been going on that week. If there is enough interest within Congress, we can even consider doing it live in the Discord channels that already exist as a public-government interface.


One of the key things I want the Minister of Finance to fulfill is working as an advisor to new players and those who may not be business confident. This will mean taking questions, explaining how things work and publishing best practice on where to buy companies and how to run them. This can be embedded in the eUK Portal. This will extend to writing explainers on the eUK’s tax and market positions which will benefit the public and Congress alike. Financial advisors will be set up as a subcategory of the Mentoring Hub.

My Government will use a hybridised funding model to ensure profits made across Gov activities as well as funding drives are all fed into bolstering Government programs. (i.e. direct MM trading profits into MoD rewards).

I will ask the Minister of Finance to commit to doing a fact finding mission to establish what UAE activities are causing large spikes in the UK’s income-to-return to establish if any early warnings can be set up.

Lastly, I will also ask the Minister of Finance to provide a summary of the UK’s income and market positions to inform Government spending and to update Congress on donations and any finance proposals as appropriate.

Defense and Foreign Affairs

As stated at the top of the article, I intend to walk in MIKs footsteps and double the MoD rewards. This was something that was met with a lot of support. I will therefore also promise to double our caps on the Air Programme and Weapons Rewards schemes. This will mean both an increase of 15,000cc to 30,000cc but also a doubling of the rewards per kill from 6cc to 12cc. The Weapon Rewards will also see an increase in the cap, meaning citizens will be able to claim a maximum of 250 Q7 weapons. This will help reward our most active citizens and encourage others to ensure they are fighting as much as possible, strengthening the country as a whole.We hope in doing this will assist in giving equal opportunity to all citizens and make sure that our resources go to those who’ll use it and that it enhances their enjoyment of the game.

All Ministry of Defence rewards will be distributed automatically after publication of the MoD article and players will not need to comment on the article to claim.

Players who are in Division 1 will also be eligible for additional support and weapons. These will be automatic and will also not require citizens to comments on article in order to claim.

Northern Ireland has been a point I’ve raised this month. Efforts need to be made to ensure Ireland and the eWorld know that it is an eUK region and that we have a stake in how the region is used and the resulting benefits.

The eUnited Kingdom stands at the threshold of an exciting month. This manifesto encapsulates our commitment to unity, progress, and retention. With your support and active engagement, we can transform our nation into a beacon of success and strength in the eWorld.

Together, let’s forge a vibrant and thriving future for the eUK!


Candidate for eUK Presidency