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Day 5,823, 13:15 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Betafoxtrot

Fellow Citizens of the eUnited Kingdom,

I am happy to announce my candidacy for the Country Presidency elections on the 5th of November. My vision this month for the eUK is not just about raising the standard of the office but also about fostering a community where every citizen feels heard, valued, and empowered. This is especially important as we see a resurgence in new players joining the country. Whilst I prepare my manifesto with my in-depth policies in the upcoming days, I present to you my blueprint for progress and unity in the month to come.

Empowering Our Citizens

A nation is only as strong as its people. I am dedicated to ensuring that every citizen, regardless of their in-game experience or level, can actively participate in and shape our future. This means reestablishing programs to mentor newcomers, providing resources for new players looking to compete with the long established veterans and creating platforms where every voice is not only heard but actively considered in policy-making.

Unity in Diversity

Our country is full of different ideologies, beliefs, and backgrounds and it should be in everyone’s best interests to be advocates for a culture of respect, inclusivity, and dialogue. Together, we can embrace our differences, learn from one another, and work towards common goals for the greater good of the eUK. I will ensure no matter your party affiliation I will be open to people's thoughts and feedback, and engage all citizens with honesty and openness.

Transparency and Accountability

I firmly believe that transparent governance is the bedrock of a stable and healthy country. As your president, I pledge to maintain open communication from myself and my cabinet, by way of the country feeds and articles. I'll ensure that decisions are made with the best interests of all considered. Accountability will be a core principle, where actions are explained, evaluated, and improved upon for the benefit of all citizens.

Diplomacy and Leadership

Although a small country, the eUK has many friends through our diligent and reliable administration of training wars. I will ensure we have a Minister of Foreign Affairs who will actively engage in diplomatic initiatives, exploration of expanding our collection of training wars and regular epics that all can be involved in. It is crucial that we contribute positively to the international community.

Despite not being the most populous country in the eWorld we are one of the leaders in the level of activity and debate we share amongst ourselves. I am not here solely as a candidate but as a fellow citizen devoted to the continuation and enhancement of the eUnited Kingdom.

Thank you for considering my vision for the eUK. With your support, we can achieve great things together.

If these ideals are something you would like to support in government then positions are open within my cabinet and I would like to hear from you, no matter your level and no matter your experience then please PM me in game!


Presidential Candidate for the eUK