Do We Need New Approach in Economy to Support New Players? [write comments]

Day 5,815, 14:33 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by EPThompson

The first thing I realized after two weeks in the game is that the military module of the game gets boring very quickly. Grinding medals, saving fuel... Boring! A political or economic module is a completely different matter...

In this article I will talk about the basis - the economic module.It immediately attracted me, a newbie, with its self-regulation: we, the players, set taxes, customs duties, minimum wages, etc. This is so cool!

But a beginner does not immediately dive into the economic module - thank God, they receive a lot of help through various giveaways. This is cool, but it does ruin a little the motivation to make their own products.

Even setting this aside, newcomers are not too eager to engage in the economic module. The market is dominated by old-time players who already have large production lines, many employees and the ability to reduce costs through economies of scale. For example, my House production cost is more than 20 000 GBP. The market price made by the older players is about 17 000 GBP. This is very realistic, but the reality is not unproblematic. It seems to me that the barrier to entry into the economy is too high.

Like any economic problem, it is a political problem. If we don't do everything we can to get new players involved in the economic and political modules, they will simply get bored and leave the game.

We can call the new players "small businesses." Just like in real life, these small businesses need government support to overcome the barrier to entry.
For example, I have this option that comes to my mind : the government could create a housing program and buy the houses from newcomers at a reasonable price (salary costs + HRM costs + a small profit). The other interesting option could be that the government could simply supply new players with HRM.

Yet I'm not experienced enough in the economic module of the game, so I'm inviting you to share your opinions! I'll be glad to read your comments 🙂 (i need 25 of them to complete the task)