The Northern Ireland Question

Day 5,810, 23:30 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Betafoxtrot

On day 5,689, or the 18th of June this year, we were treated with a glimpse into the Northern Ireland question. This glimpse was to many seen as very overdue, and has been a topic kept alive by TRS Congressmen since.

‘The Northern Ireland question’ relates to the ambiguous status of the eUK core region, Northern Ireland. NI has been under occupation for years. This article from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs states “NI is a bit of a special case, originally a UK core but has long been managed by Ireland/3rd party by a previous and now long outdated agreement.

Last month, during AMD’s presidency, I along with MooMooHead (then MoFA) and Mr Woldy (then Governor) held some conversations with eIreland to unpick both sides views on the region and figure out ways to make sure NI was being used in ways beneficial to all parties (chiefly, the eUK, eIreland and the third party occupying it). There were mixed results, some conversations were more constructive than others - but they weren’t without some hostility, and we were faced with the suggestion from eIreland that NI was ‘informally’ a region of Ireland. This being the result of the issue not being raised for so many years.

This of course is patently false, both in the minds of eUK citizens and eReps admins, NI is a UK core region

Despite this, countries do let other countries occupy their regions, and sometimes on a long term basis. That is why it is always important that the status of any region and the agreements that surround it (when they exist) are reinforced by the Government. Due to the long standing ‘laissez faire’ foreign affairs policy implemented before AMD’s administration, agreements and expectations around the region have dissolved, and there isn’t overt agreement on the status of NI anymore.

There’s a real danger that, as the current Government slip back into that weak mindset it will equate to the eUK losing its interest and stake in eNorthern Ireland. This is a thought that seems to be spreading to some, Keithunder, eternal PP of The Unity Party believes that we should let eIreland just have it, no questions, unconditionally and to just give up our autonomy of our own regions. TRS will always challenge these views.

Security of a nation is based on many things, good standing in the global community, strong damage output by our soldiers as well as many other factors. The eUK is not able to fulfill all of these things but that’s not to say we are unable to do it at all. One thing that is going to weaken the country is to kowtow to all demands and to let slip our own cores to a foreign occupier. This means challenging rogue Declarations of War, and not ignoring when decisions on our own regions are made without us.

We must take a stand in order to ensure our position of the World stage that we’re not a dying animal that the vultures can pluck at, but we are an active and strong community who’ll defend their territory politically as well as militarily. I invite other citizens who agree with this stance to comment below and make sure the government is held accountable to their responsibility of being strong in leadership in the realms of foreign affairs such as we have done before.

Lots of love,