Interview with the Minister of Defense of eUkraine!!

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Hello my fellow readers, i an interview today with the Minister of Defense of eUkraine - Radiat.
Radiat is an old ePlayer and he is here since 2009 and these days he command at the eUkraine forces as MoD along with the rest of the eUkraine cabinet, i also wanna knnow if the RL war between Ukraine and Russia does any effect at the war in here. Radiat is my guest today.

I really hope you will enjoy this 🙂

1. Hello to the Minister of Defense of eUkraine - Radiat, thank you so much for agree to make this interview with me, but before we start would you agree to introduce yourself first for those who don't know you?

Hello. I’m eUkrainian MoD since August 2023. Before that I was two-clicking for 1,5 years cause I took active part in rl-war against Russia as a military. Before that in 2021-2022 I actively took part in eUkrainian community on different positions, as a cp, MoD, MoFA whatever. Now I started playing a bit more active again.

2. Can you please tell us about your role as MoD of ur own country?

My responsibility is real wars. Planning, coordination, seeking of resources, tactical decisions and so on. To some extent foreign policy, but sometimes it’s rather hard to find time for it so thanks our CP ostapikk for being nerd enough to perform it solo.
Ukraine is not a major country in Asteria, we cannot let ourselves spoil trillions of dmg in tw-epics or holding walls 60%+. So our power is in the organization and it’s my responsibility to keep us in combat readiness.

3. What the hardest thing you had to deal with as a MoD?

I guess it's communication on Tuesday, You need to pm a mass of people to keep damage, what we are planning for the week and why we need to hold the damage for a proper moment. It really takes a lot of time. Unlike other countries we are very serious towards the issue of rational disperse of the damage we have.

4. Do you work with defences ministers of other countries as well?

Of course, there are a lot of chats with different representatives of the countries where we discuss and agree the plans. Tws, real wars, swaps - it all needs communication, it's quite an obvious thing for any person sho ever worked in egovernment.

5. Did you command any operation against CODE countries that you can tell us about?

Well, I guess I can surely say that e-putlerland is my basic zone of responsibility. In fact, all the actions against ru is my organic sphere of interest. So I’m rather pleased to observe ru to be left without congress this month (all possible respect to North Macedonia) and it’s not the last gift we prepare for them.
Last month we took part in a very well-timed operation against Hungary and we managed to leave them without congress like 3 hours before the deadline. We appeared there as usual pursuiting russia and fulfilled all of the goals. After reaching them we obviously stepped back cause we have no long-term interest in that location. In fact we will appear in any country which will be stupid enough to hold putlerland in its cores.

6. Can you tell us how do you conduct your operations against the allied nations of CODE?

The strategic level of operations is being help by Asteria hq. After we get our operational zone we communicate basically with the countries with the same strategic task and perform everything on tactical level. At the moment the game is rather unbalanced. Asteria has a huge advantage over CODE. Even though a lot of asteria countries are rather disorganized we still have a critical advantage over CODE. So there is nothing wise or tactically superior in using such level of advantage.

7. Can you tell us about the last few weeks of the Asteria - CODE war from your own eyes, we saw that CODE alliance countries lost so many lands, they have no congress members, hard to enact laws and we even saw that Turkey left CODE

Most CODE-countries went dark mode, they don't really fight hard. Except Hungary 🙂 Even if they are hardly drained, lose a few epics, they keep fighting and don't give up and it deserves respect. So it simply takes a lot of time to monitor these battles, ping the hitters, manage the CO and so on. In fact, it is all the same years after years and we already know what strategy to choose against any of the enemies. In terms of the last month, Romania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, USA did an amazing job handling the gangbang actions from 4, 5 code-countries at the same time. They are the reason of our success.

8. Tell me about an operational failure you experienced as Minister of Defense and what lessons were learned?

2 monthes ago we Failed to wipe Ru-congress and it was my fault. As I didn't play long I simply forgot and didn't check the existence of border in Volga - Mandalistan. Due to this mistake we didn't regain initiative in time and left Ru with 10 congressmen. Lessons learned - a) the map lies, Now Ru is without Congress.

9. When you enter the MoD office, what was the most important thing you wanted to do or change?

Russian full wipe. Periodical 25% work tax in WSR. Evth achieved.

10. What caused the change in the equation in favor of the Asteria alliance and how the Ukraine military forces contributed to it?

The quantity of people. Asteria has always had more players than CODE, they simply grew up to XX legends. Easy for me to compare Ukr-Ru stats. In 2020 when we attacked Ru with Turkey we had 14 XX legs against 20 in Ru. Now we have 40+ legs, Ru have like 32-33. Simply because we have a bigger community.
Secondly, again about organization. CODE stopped control evth. CODE ignored the NAP with DWARF. It all gave a huge boost.
Ukraine contributed as well to Asteria dominance. We grow up XX legends, by the end of the year we'll have 50 XX legs. Enough to give any kind of good fight. We likely handled the problem with hitters. So we try to keep not far from major countries.

11. How do you see this war will going on from now on?

I don't think anything will change dramatically til BF at least. Asteria will keep pushing, maybe we'll release some countries due to determination. But nothing will change radically soon.

12. Do you think that the war in the RL world of Ukraine - Russia did effect the game?

Of course. First of all we lost a lot of players from the e-community who serve as militaries in UAF in RL. It’s like 10+ people and it’s a lot for our community. Unfortunately, we also have losses, we’ll publish the necessary info after the victory. We feel the support almost from every country and a critical majority of gameplayers in eRepublik. Such a nonsense as a full-scale war in 21st century should have never happened. You definitely could have seen that most of e-russians show full support of their rl-actions so I hardly understand how conscious people among CODE-countries can communicate with them, but whatever. Sooner or later it’ll all end up with our victory, I guess each day it becomes more obvious for everyone.

13. How do you summarize your time as Minister of Defense so far?

- If I had more time, we could do much better, but... as the game is softly dying I don't think too much people are eager to spend here plenty of time. Once again, it's all left in this game is the community. It's not hard to be a better MoD than I do, but in our community you simply cannot find people with the will to work in government))

14. If you could change or add ANYTHING to this game tell us 1 thing you were picked to change/add and why?

A lot should be changed in the game, you cannot improve it just with 1 thing. The game is dying and that's the path. If to choose just 1 thing - ok, it's implementing the concept of Ocean of Dreams.

15. Before we end, there is any last message to our readers, your friends, and the community that read this interview?

Keep searching your fun in this game, it's hard but to some extent it's worth 🙂 What's left from this game is only the community so take care of each other.

Thank you so much for ur cooperation Radiat, thank you for accept this interview, i wish u the best of luck wherever you will go my friend.
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And always remember this: "War is done in a game, peace is made in reality"