Get a TOKEN PACK XS for your Satoshi

Day 5,803, 00:01 Published in Romania Romania by Clopoyaur

You want to get more value for your Satoshi during this event? I offer you this opportunity.

* Send the 500 Sathoshi to my Zebedee wallet here: "clopoyaur" or "".
* Each batch of 500 Satoshi = 1 ticket in the giveaway for a Token Pack XS (5 Euro value)
* When 50 donations gather, the list is complete and I will draw a winner from all the people that donated
* I will pick the winner live while streaming on my Twitch channel (I stream every Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting 18:00 CET) using a random number generator.
* Pack is sent to the winner in the next 24 hours after the giveaway.

By participating in this you agree with these rules. Transactions with Satoshi are definitive and cannot be reversed. Make sure you understand the rules before sending the money. If something is unclear, ask in the comments section first.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to have a Zebedee wallet to send you the Satoshi?
No, you just have to put my address: (or simply clopoyaur) In the My Place - Storage - Claim section.

How and when is the winner drawn?
On my stream when I have a show (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays starting 18:00 CET). Once a list is completed, the winner will be drawn in the next show.

How do you know who sent you Satoshi's?
In the Zebedee App I am able to see the Erepublik ID of the sender.

Can I win if I don't watch your stream?
Yes! However, I would be happy if you would come to say "hi" and to meet you. My stream address is

Why you need 50 rounds of 500 Satoshi donations? That is worth more than 5 Euro.
There are some fees that I have to pay for sending the Satoshi from Zebedee to a Crypto exchange and then cashing out the Euros for the packs I am giving. Also, making the list of donators takes me a lot of my time.

Where can I see myself in the giveaway?
You can find the list for each giveaway at this link:

I don't have 500 Satoshi yet. Can I still send them?
One ticket costs 500 Satoshi. I would prefer you to send the full amount. Partial amounts would be considered donations.

I just want to donate the Satoshi to you, can I?
If you want to appreciate my work as a streamer and as a community contributor, you can send me the Satoshi as donations at "clopoyaur" or "". I thank you very much for that

You don't have a ZBD wallet?
Make one using this link. Also if you already have your Satoshi in the ZBD wallet, you can send them to me by tapping the balance button on the bottom right in the app, then "Pay/Request", you input the amount, hit "Pay", you select the recepient, namely me, clopoyaur, and then "Pay". If you have a different name in ZBD than in Erepublik leave me a note so I can know from who the Sats are.

Good luck and have fun!
o7 Clopo