Day 5,795, 11:29 Published in USA USA by Thee Dude

Greetings, my fellow eCitizens of these here United States of eAmerica.

The time has come for me to publicly announce my candidacy for Country President! So, mount up!
Most of you know me or at least have seen me about these last few years.
For those who are new, or don't know me, here's the quick bio.
First played many, many years ago. Came back in 2020 during covid. Starting from scratch, I basically had to relearn the game, I worked my way up through Party politics and started in government work. Basically been there ever since.
Seven time CP. I've been there, done that.
Trusted and proven.
And ready to serve our country again as CP.

My Cabinet consists of the following.
Prime Minister Patanok
Governor Bob Boudahili
Minister of Defense Kody5
Minister of Foreign Affairs Herr Vootsman
Minister of Education SuperNova

Well seasoned bunch!

Keep the trains running on time.
Communicate with the public about our country's doings. Try to keep ya'll up to date.
If ya'll really want a food giveaway, we can do that.
Media is always tough for me, so I'll do my best, but I'm not making any promises.
If ya'll want more media, then write some!
If you need more from your CP, then let me know!

With all that being said,
I would be honored and delighted to have your vote on the 5th!

Vote TD4CP!