Gameover? Make your own fun!

Day 5,778, 14:09 Published in Russia Russia by Bragge Schorsch De Elite

Hooooodeeelaaaaaahitiiiiiiii. I can jodel.

Since it's Oktoberfest in Germany, the Bavarians went crazy, put some ridiculous desses on, drink a lot of beer, hear weird music and sometimes they do jodel. Crazy people.

Talking of crazy people, bored of this game, CODE is losing members, i have to follow my own way. Sometimes, when I am in a good mood, i fight for some (old) allies or mother Russia. Or i fight Sucateir2, the Bastard. I losse many times, because this jerk is using scripts an the admins keep on doing nothing. But, I tried to look behind his Jääääägermeister club, i thnik there is noone buying contracts, because you don't make buisness with a crazy, autistic, monkey with brain desease. I think, he is pretending having contracts, so he can hunt like he wants, steal where he wants, taking the contract as a shield, if someone blames him to act the opposite like he always told. Despite having only 4 working brain cells left, i dont think he will understand, but nevermind. As he tolds us moreover, he is fighting fair, that means, he is giving a fair chance to everybody he wants to teach some lessons. Since when the pupils are more intelligent than the teacher? Of course, he saw, that won't work, and now he has finally arrived on the level, he never wanted to get, but as he thinks he is the good guy, he feels good. lol, what a dumbass.

And, not only he changes, i find a way to pretend stealing somebody, alerted by his bot, the bastard arrives and hit, hit, hit. While i stopped long time ago, he is like a little kiddo, until he realizes that i tricked him. Makes fun, try it. Or steal him succesfully, pm me, i pay good money.