Plato says 'Can it!'

Day 5,778, 05:57 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Mr Woldy


This is a public service announcement! You may no longer say REDACTED. Any reference to REDACTED is to be redacted with immediate effect. This is a result of Plato being uncertain and too lazy to check certain that there is no difference between the word REDACTED and the word REDACTEDican.

What do I need to do?

Immediately check your papers, profiles and cupboards for any reference to REDACTED. Do not mention the wiki. Do not get in contact with any multinational meat processors.

Check that you’re not accidentally making any other references to pastes, spreads, or gelatine-suspended products. Do not mention Mars, the Milky Way, do not hang around with any Walkers, cancel your appointment with Dr Pepper. Certainly don’t mention that you are in your Prime because you’ve signed up to Bupa.

But what caused this change?

REDACTED ... REDACTED, 73 times. REDACTED? Well, REDACTED as you will see below:


REDACTED other than the obvious drunkenness, REDACTED. REDACTED all over the floor. This REDACTED led to REDACTED and even the Pope was REDACTED.

REDACTED REDACTED. But then you know what I always say,


Should I be jealous?

Not every eRepublik party or MU can catch the eye of multinational real world organisations. But as the old adage goes, if you are the most active and fun party to be in you are going to catch the attention of BIG MEAT.

How can I help?

Post your creative acronyms in the comments and the funnest will win a prize. In the meantime keep out for whatever new name is given to the redacted party!

This has been a PSA on behalf of REDACTED.
Thanks for reading.
Mr Woldy.