[MoD]New Shouts, The Bounty Scheme & Open Season

Day 5,775, 09:37 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Ministry of Defence

This is a brief article detailing the small changes you may have noticed to how Ministry of Defence orders are given.

These orders are issued on the national feed and explain which battles we are trying to win or lose in our training wars. Our Minister of Defence, Rory Winterbourne, has given these orders as a facelift as you will see below.

As you can see this is a more concise view of what the orders are, and if you are really keen you can bookmark the given link and check it before it is shouted. The orders include a spot for any battles where the left-lose, right-win pattern isn't being used (if you struggle to remember this remember lose and left both start with L). This can happen for various reasons such as we have recently seen when moving a TW partner to another region. When we say left lose right win, this refers to which side of the battle the UK is shown on the campaign page.

Note: In the event the government requests extra damage to a battle to ensure the correct side wins, this battle will not be subject to the usual guidelines.

As mentioned the shout now also includes a link to the MoD info google doc. This has been compiled by Rory and is regularly updated to include all relevant information on battles and medal hunting. It lists each individual battle and which region is the eUK attacking or defending. It also records the ways in which fighters can report BH’s that have been unfairly sniped or stolen by means of a form and a copy of the guidelines.

As well as the usual bounty scheme that has been in place for many months, there are additions we have added.

The current Bounty Scheme is as followed.

This has been supplemented by two new additions. The first is Hunt the Hunter and aims to reward eUK citizens for protecting eUK medals and warding off players from other nations taking them for themselves. It will award eUK citizens 20k cc for citizens taking a medal from a foreign national that has overhit another eUK citizen. The full details are:

The second new addition added is the Open Season List. This is a new scheme that can be found in AMD’s manifesto and aims to prevent eUK citizens having their hard fought medals stolen from their fellow countrymen and women. The full rules are found below but to summarise, this will be a points based system wherein players who routinely snipe or overhit BH medals will accrue points that will not only prevent them from claiming government subsidies but also will allow them be treated as foreign nationals in the bounty scheme so that eUK citizens can earn cc from taking the medals back off them. We hope this will help assist with keeping harmony on the battlefield.

Citizens with two or more points will not be eligible for UK subsidies or rewards. They will be reminded of the rules when gaining points, and the MoD will exercise discretion for newer or less active players if it's clear they did not know the rules.

The form for reporting bounties will also allow you to report players to both the Hunt the Hunter and Open Season schemes and I encourage you to use them when you feel the guidelines are not being followed. The form can be found here.

Of course, all this information can be found in the MoD info google doc and a link to this will appear in every MoD shout going forward.

I would also like to take this time to clarify the current guidelines on medal runs.

These are:

Division IV - 80 million damage
Air - 20k defending and 30k attacking
Division I, II and III - Any overhitting of someone that is native to that division. I.e. if you use a maverick pack to move from Div IV to hunt medals in Div III then surpassing any damage done by native D3 players will be considered overhitting.

The MoD will review reports made via the form and will determine whether players accrue points towards open season.

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