On PCP: It's Made Me Really High and I Want To Get Off the Ride

Day 5,769, 08:42 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Betafoxtrot
*This has been a satirical works based on the gifted writings found here, this is not to offend the good, long standing folks of PCP, just a subset of said party. If this art has upset you, then I don’t know what to tell you

*Update* tf is this about

September 5th was a wild day. Not because of the repeat of the previous month in the CP elections. It was boring and predictable to see Judas once again lose to AmD. No, I am talking about something much more interesting than that. This was the day I got to show Judas Christ their hypocrisy and racist ways.

You see the PCP leadership of Judas and Artela want to use their influence to tell me how to act and speak. They even went as far as to over-reach their power on the official eUK Discord server and put me in a time out because I used the function "copy and paste".

Apparently, it is a sin to use such a function. In fact, it prompted Judas to write a silly attack, the first one he has written in 86 seconds. All this to point out that a real life Brit NOT use the function "ctrl+C, ctrl+V" because it is offensive, for some reason. Obviously, it is perfectly OK to use the copy and paste if you are a Yank, though... as noted in this post.

The hypocrisy of not allowing me to copy and paste but it being perfectly alright for some other dude to use "copy and paste" is in itself, simply silly. Or, am I looking too much into this? Surely, it cannot be because I was born in "across the pond", can it?

Maybe it is because I am not a faithful member of Personal Contract Purchase. If you look at the party of the Yank that is allowed to use the silly "copy and paste" function, you see he is in the silly party of Judas and Artela. Maybe there is some truth to what everyone in Primary Care Physician have been saying forever about the double standard of that silly party. Maybe what they are saying about Phenylcyclohexyl Piperidine piling on to others as a group for not following their silly Pre-Charged Pneumatics meta rules has truth to it as well. After all, the entire silliness started when I was just trying to write an article and question the candidate from the Silly party of Angel Dust.

You'll notice that after I asked if there was no difference in his Cabinet and that of AMD, judas immediately tries to turn the question against me with a snarky remark of: Back to ignore you go.

I'd like to point out a couple of things:

1. Judas did not tell me I was on his ignore list.
2. That was not an answer but it was a clever way to side-step the question.
3. I was civil until judas started trying to turn my simple questions into pokes at me.

Eventually, Person Centred Plan head meatwad Artela jumps in to defend Judas. Artela is a condescending silly person that is one of the primary reasons I didn’t join that silly party. She goes on to insult me, compare me to "a beta boy", and then place me in timeout. Judas, who actually said he had intercourse with my mother, however, not placed in timeout. This is the way of the Primary Care Providers. They support their own and abuse their power and leverage to silence those who dare stand against or disagree with them.

You can see the entire log here.

But then they continue to jump in, not in Discord but on the congress thread. Appleby and others have spoken about how the Payroll Compliance Practitioner pile on everyone they deem as "under" them.

In short, the leadership of the Personal Contract Purchase are bullies. They proved this today when their hand-picked candidate was shown to be weak. When I pressed for an answer to a question I had asked 6 seconds prior, they gang up once again on someone that has the audacity to oppose them.

Every bully has their day to atone for their sillyness. Here's to hoping that day is sooner rather than later.


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