Another fiasco of Goverment. Ate logo, Brasil

Day 5,751, 03:40 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by keskese

Dear friends,

We are witnessing that current government is full of cripled clowns.

The well-known clique managed to be expelled from South America without showing that they do comprehend that Switzerland has to win missions!

There was no even 1 shout from MOD, Governer,Prime Minister or President asking people to fight for Switzerland!

The group of usurpators that sadly officially represent us care only about there wellbeing and how to remain in driving sits. They are waisting public money without any transparancy, they do not provide any report about war situation for months and years and they are paying rediculous amounts to bounty hunter.

All above is clear call for change and overthrowing this clique from Switzerland.

To do so, I do need your votes and energy.Join my party.

Vote for me on next elections!
The future president of better Switzerland, keskese