Alexis Bonte and the Fate of eRepublik

Day 5,716, 06:06 Published in Indonesia Philippines by beebeam

Hey, so the other day, someone sent me this link to an article about eRepublik written by Precious Box and told me that Stillfront, the company behind it, is having a shareholder presentation on July 21st. Someone that sent me that link was like, " We should participate and present your article" That got me thinking, if we really wanna expose that issue, we gotta back it up with solid proof, right?

But then the question hit me: How the heck do we get that proof? Well, the simplest way seemed to be doing it ourselves. So, I whipped up this basic script to fetch some citizen data and planned to scan through the whole ID list. Now, I know what you're thinking—is that even legal? Well, for certain purposes, it seemed like a legit move.

The script was super simple, just asking for citizen data and grabbing stuff like "is_alive," experience points, and the ID creation date. As a test run, I started with citizen IDs 178 to 250, just to see how long it would take and if any errors popped up.

But here's the bummer: Instead of completing the task, I got this warning from Cloudflare after trying a bunch of times. So, I decided to call it quits. However, when I went to check the data I had managed to gather, some interesting things caught my eye.
Here’s the data from my first try

First off, some accounts were still labeled as "alive" even though they had been permanently banned. Like, seriously? Take ID 178, for example. It made me question what was really going on with the game's account statuses.

Then, I noticed there were accounts that seemed to be lost in the abyss. I mean, whoops! ID 218 was a prime example of that. I couldn't help but wonder how these accounts just vanished into thin air.

Now, let's talk about this citizen named Alexis Bonte. I didn't know much about him, but I found some (not-so-important) info on the eRepublik wiki. Apparently, he's the big shot behind the scenes, heavily involved in developing and running this game.

Naturally, I wanted to find out if he's still in the game or not. So, I check his newspaper to dig up some dirt. And what do you know? The last article he published was on day 3049, around March 26, 2016. That's a whole year before Stillfront even acquired eRepublik. Interesting, right?

But here's the kicker—based on the citizen data I managed to snag, Alexis Bonte's last battle participation was like two years ago, around June 15, 2021. Now, I gotta ask, where the heck is this guy now? Is he still kicking it in the game, or has he moved on to other things? Is eRepublik even alive and kicking anymore?

So, my friend, we find ourselves in a bit of a mystery. With banned accounts labeled as "alive" and the game's mastermind seemingly absent from recent activities, we're left wondering what's really going on in eRepublik. Will we ever get to the bottom of this story? Only time will tell as we navigate the twists and turns of this virtual world.


I checked erepublik tools and it said that this account is still alive doing 20 strength training every day