[BF4CP] The Final Cabinet

Day 5,705, 11:26 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Betafoxtrot

My final article before the election is the announcement of my cabinet for the upcoming month. Everyone here is an expert in their field, and I have no doubt we will be able to achieve all our goals and exceed them.

Country President/Minister of Education - Betafoxtrot

Education is something I have always tried to implement in the past, whether that was in the military, Minister of Home Affairs or the past month in the role. That is why this month I will also be spearheading the education side, setting up the eUK portal and speaking with new players as they join.

Vice President/Minister of Home Affairs - Mr Woldy

As well as being my number 2, Mr Woldy will be taking management of the domestic ministries and ensuring we fulfill our new player contracts and facilitating communications between all branches to give you the best service we can offer.

Minister of Defence - Rory Winterbourne II

Not just a dab hand at all things photoshop, Rory will be concentrating on the organisation of military orders and taking the bounty scheme by the scruff of the neck to make sure everyone is paid efficiently.

Minister of Foreign Affairs - Huey George

A man that will need no introduction to most of you, Huey has spent a lot of his time maintaining the training wars you all know and love. This month, he will take a more focused role using his contacts and ensuring there’s as much opportunity as possible.

Minister of Health - Mr Immanuel Kant

Having run BUPA for a considerable time, MIK will be tasked with the goal of shoring up the health side of the government, contacting players and streamlining the service for new users to ensure we grow our citizens as much as possible.

Minister of Communications - Darkmantle

A name you will soon know oh so well, Darkmantle will be tasked with keeping the whole country up to date with giveaways and events. Keep an eye out for those!

Minister of Finance - Paul Tyndale

Paul will be providing the monetary reports for congress, tracking our money, and ensuring we are able to set the government up well to have the funds we need for providing for our citizens. He has helped put together guides and has been a cornerstone of financial advice for dozens of eUK investors.

Press Secretary - Gavin C. Mister

I have missed Gavin’s frequent interviews in his newspaper and he will be joining the team in order to get the opportunity to increase his reach to foreign leaders, as well as providing summaries and reports of government undertakings for the public.

This team has been assembled as a cross party cabinet that really draws in the strengths of those involved and aims to maximise it for the benefit of all the eUK. If you missed the article detailing my policies for the coming month, you can find those here.

Give me your vote tomorrow so all these cogs can come together to build an efficient and dynamic governing machine!

July ‘23 CP Candidate