[BF4CP] The Great Big Manifesto

Day 5,704, 11:13 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Betafoxtrot

As someone who has spent the majority of the time in the domestic side of the government, you will not be surprised to know that Dometics are going to be my focus for the coming month. My aim is clear: Focus on new player retention and grow our country, while making necessary improvements across all aspects of government across the board. My government will maintain all military programs whilst seeking ways to automate manual processes, actively promote them to a wider pool of citizens, and make sure everyone knows how to fight smart and earn their rewards!

This article will list several new policies across all policy areas to save you reading through multiple documents! I'll include a brief summary of them before delving into the details (to cater for all types of reader!).

To start is domestic policies. As I said before, this will be the most important part for me in order to try and stem the flow of players who leave soon after registering. The below shows the amount of players who signed up in the last two months and what has happened to them since.

source, click to expand

In the past two months we have had 168 new registrations and of these, only 34 players are currently alive in game.*

This is a critical issue that the eUK should be tackling head on.
I will take immediate action and enact a longer term strategy to slow down our attrition rate. By improving this not only will it have the obvious positive impact of increasing the eUK player base, it also will improve eUK cash generation, damage output for the nation and by making the country stronger, improve our standing in the international community. I know that the Government and various parties believe this is pointless, but that's only because it has been neglected for so long. I am confident that acting now will increase the number of newer players we see coming onto the scene. The key to this is engagement and something I am sure of is we can assist in keeping players around by pushing citizens to join the eUK discord, continuing the revival of Congress, improving activity and access to people of all parties to ensure we truly build a community that people want to be a part of.

*Players who have stopped playing may not be represented due to how the data is populated.

In order to prevent these avoidable losses, the most important and easiest thing we can do is improve player engagement. These policies I will lay out are the first steps in improving this:

The New Player Contract
As difficult as it is to believe, new players join the eUK every week, the biggest issue for the country is keeping these players around and coming back every day. One of the keystones for me this month is going to be focusing on player retention. The truth is that some of these players that sign up, stick around for a few days and leave could be prevented if they were not to fall through the cracks and there is a chance they could stay involved and be a contributing member of the country if there was more assistance provided to them. That is why we will reintroduce and soup up the New Player Contract. Here, we promise that every new registration is contacted directly by a Government representative, pointed to mentoring materials, people and ensure there is an active point of contact to help them interested in the game. They will be passed across to a nationally organised health program, provided support via subsidies and directed to the eUK discord server as this is an important aspect of keeping players invested in the game. No one will be missed!

eUK Portal
To underpin the provision of information and support to players, we will build an eUK Portal. This will be a one stop shop of guides, resources, giveaway schemes, Gov programs and information on the eUK. It will be built in the Wiki, and allow a single source to point to for all communication campaigns and player support programs and provide an easily accessible resource for new players to get answers to questions in one place.

Health Alignment initiative & Rewards Framework
To guarantee provision for younger players the Government needs to have an oversight on what health schemes are on offer in order to identify and address any gaps. That’s why I will ask the Minister of Health to review the health offerings in the eUK and actively work to make sure they are resourced and aligned so a cohesive and player friendly offering can be guaranteed as well as taking note of areas in which we could improve our offerings. Areas of this in which I already have interest in improving are initiatives for storage, aircraft weaponry and the reimplementation of training ground subsidies rather than loans, for the weight room (free training) and climbing walls (0.19 gold training) as these are key thing I believe in improving player gold generation and damage output that can only be net positives for the eUK. These, I hope, will be available as part of the New Player Contract and will be available to all players who require it once they become adult citizens.

Along these lines, I will be working with the Minister of Education where I will seek to build a rewards framework into the mentoring program, the milestones for each reward found on the implemented eUK portal, focused on encouraging the main things that will retain new players. This will focus on increasing understanding of the game whilst engaging actively in the community - our greatest retention tool. In order to do this, each new player will have a purse of 50k GBP allowed for them held in trust, paid out of for each task they complete up to the value of 20k GBP at level 30. Once this target has been reached, as long as they are active members of the game and continue to reside in the eUK a last payment of 30k GBP will be supplied to them to put towards whatever they’d like to, with guidance for that from the previously mentioned mentoring points provided by the Minister of Health.

Wiki Renaissance Fund
To assist with providing the best information possible to assist these new players, we will be establishing the Wiki Renaissance fund. Whilst core eUK pages will be overhauled by the Government, we will create this fund to encourage the wiki editors among us to help update the broader eUK content on eRep’s wiki. The reward provided will be based on the complexity of the pages updated and administered by the MoHA.

At the end of each week I will open a thread with congress in which they can ask any questions to help facilitate accountability and to be able to get feedback on what is happening in government. These will be ran over the weekend to ensure sufficient time has been given for questions to be asked and answered, and will be published by the Press Secretary on Mondays for those not involved in congress to see and provide their comments.

For the military and foreign affairs side of things, I don’t believe it needs a huge undertaking in order to improve them. The steps taken for these will be ones of clarity for players.

To start, I will be revitalising the way in which orders are given by the Minister of Defence. This will remove the need to rely on seeing the few shouts on the feed that can be easily missed. Rather, we will disseminate orders via an updatable document to all citizens as a one-stop-shop of current orders and guidelines.

We will also be expanding upon and opening up the bounties system to all divisions, enabling anyone to receive cash for kills. Doing so and increasing our spend on direct payment on citizens, whilst driving engagement in the game, also will be a net positive on rewards and driving and increase in citizen damage and improving the country's damage output wholly.

On foreign affairs, there is a missing link between what is happening between ourselves and other countries and what the nation is told. Steps can be taken to improve things. Most notably we will analyse and produce reports on any formal or informal agreements we have which will be published to ensure both citizens and congress have something to refer to in order to be fully informed of where the eUK stands. This will also include decisions and agreements with foreign countries occupying eUK territory, who they are and why they hold the region such as Northern Ireland. We will also look to publish interviews with important foreign leaders to bridge the gap of the unknown outside world.

Everything I outline here, and above is in aid of improving citizens' knowledge of government dealings in game and our dealings outside of the eUK as it is imperative to have informed citizens who are able to hold the government accountable to prevent complacency and stagnation.

Military Orders Overhaul
The current system of relying on irregular shouts to issue orders and news is not always reliable and a very reactive approach to keeping people informed of military matters. I will create an eUK Orders portal, a link that can be disseminated and which citizens can bookmark which will summarise current orders as well as reporting on upcoming activities and military news. This will be kept up to date by the Cabinet to ensure those accessing it are viewing the most recent orders.

Bounties & Open Season
Bounties can be claimed by eUK citizens against members of countries outside of the eUK or nationals of the Training War partner and this will be opened to all divisions.

Bounties will simplified and paid as follows:
Reclaiming a medal from a third-party citizen who has made above 40k in Air or 150m in Div4 will pay a bounty of £10k.
Reclaiming a medal from a third-party citizen who made over 80k in Air or 300m on ground will pay a bounty of £20k.
Div 1-3 will pay a flat £5k fee to citizens who made over 20k, 50k and 150k respectably.

Additionally, overhitting to take a medal from an eUK citizen on the open-season list in Air or Div 4 (those with 3 or more points as described above) will pay £20k.
The Ministry of Defence shall maintain an open-season list of eUK citizens who have repeatedly overhit or sniped medals contrary to the Medal guidelines above.
Citizens who accrue over 3 points will be on the list, and removed from it if their points drop below 3. If at any point a citizen has accrued 6 or more points they will be placed on the list permanently and be ineligible for receiving bounty payments and other eUK citizens will not be penalised for overhitting them in future.

This list will be accessible to Div4 fighters to inform who they may overhit.

Weapons Gifting
Anyone who does over 300 kills in a week will be sent 50 Q7 guns. This won’t have to be claimed, the government will monitor kills and distribute weapons to fighters.

Regions and Agreements transparency reports
We rely on a lot of ad-hoc and word-of-mouth agreements when it comes to Training Wars and occupiers. I will ask the MoFA to provide a full rundown of agreements, written down for Congress and Public reference. We will invite partner nations to review these agreements so we can provide full assurance to the public as to the nature of our relationship with our occupiers and what we can expect from TW partners. Where appropriate we can work with Congress to identify where we can seek further assurances from partners which will also benefit them - having formal agreements will demonstrate our commitment to our agreements and remove doubt and uncertainty from our Foreign Affairs.

Training Wars
I will ask for the MoFA to do an appraisal of all countries for the potential of growing our Training War stack to ensure we have as many battles as possible to maximise opportunities for eUK citizens to not only get their gold from medals but also to participate in the bounty scheme. I will look to build our relationships with these Training Wars and increase our presence on the world stage to ensure we have the respect of our partners so we are unable to be pushed around and in return continue to show our word is good.

As you can see the crux of the matter is improving access and the fun factor of the game. We have been too lax in how we have approached the matter of new players and I believe I can be the person to jump on this and set up the eUK for months to come. I ask that on the 5th you vote for me as a vote for improving your experience, your wallets and your country. I look forward to working for you all!

My cabinet will be published tomorrow, so be sure to look out for that. In the meantime I still have two positions to be filled so if you would like to assist me with making this all possible then I ask that you get in touch and get involved via PM. If you haven’t seen my previous article for all the positions you can find it here.

I thank you for your time reading this and look forward to your comments below.

July ‘23 CP Candidate