Blaze Walker Challenge (I) & (II) - Weekly Rewards (Day 5,698)

Day 5,698, 06:56 Published in Croatia Greece by B I T E R

Good Afternoon eRepublikans!

Today we have a special Weekly Challange, Missions and Summer Sales in Shop and Gold Store. This summer does not bring us the Scorching Summer Packs, but only the promos of the Energy Bars.

This is the 1st (I) WC, so we will have a 2nd (II) one from the next week (rewards will be the same).

First of all, the maximum Prestige Points are 100.000.
Just let you know, from 80.000 PP till 1000.000 there's only one reward (as usual)... (+1 Vehicle discharge document)

NOTE: To receive the BLAZE WALKER skin, you need to collect, 10 Blaze Walker blueprint in total. There's 4 available in this week at, 1.000, 30.000, 60.000 & 80.000 Prestige Points. The other 4 can be found on the Mission 2, 6, 9 & 10. You don't have to worry that much, because next week, we will have also the chance to collect the other 4 from the Weekly Challenge.

The Blaze Walker was obtained from the Summer Challenge that started on Day 5,698.

This formidable war machine combines the destructive power of a tank with the relentless fury of scorching flames. TheBlaze Walker leaves no survivors and no hope in its wake, solidifying its reputation as the ultimate harbinger of fiery doom on the battlefield.

Total Rewards from Weekly Challenge:

+50 Energy Recover
+323 Ice Creams
+10000 Storage
+14 Factory Reset Tokens
+855 Overtime Points
+20 Q5 Moving Tickets
+3 50% Damage Booster for 2 Hours, +1 50% Damage Booster for 5 Hours, +1 50% Damage Booster for 24 Hours, +3 100% Damage Booster for 2 Hours
+1402 Energy Bars
+1 Small Bomb
+233 Stingers
+2 200% Deploy size Booster for 10 minutes
+2 10%/20% Air Deploy Influence Booster for 10 Minutes
+2 10%/20% Ground Deploy Influence for 10 Minutes
+2 10%/20% Air Deploy Rank Points Booster for 10 Minutes
+2 10%/20% Ground Deploy Rank Points Booster for 10 Minutes
+4 Blueprint
+1 Vehicle discharge document
From this 10 Missions, we are able to collect different amount of Ice Creams, Damage Accelerators, Blaze Walker blueprints, Vehicle Discharge Documents & Ground Damage Boosters.

NOTE: Missions are daily (you can complete one per day), so don’t spend more energy, because it will be wasted.

List from Curlybear

We also have +30% MORE from Selected packs (Tycoon Pack, War Stash, Combat Stash, Tank Pack & Aviator Pack.

The total Gold that required to purchase all Energy Bars are 4620

Day 5,700

Power Spin will be available for 2 days
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