Good bye

Day 5,673, 18:16 Published in Russia Russia by Bragge Schorsch De Elite


I said it once, but now, you can all s*** m* d***

It is unbelievable, that some ally members play against themself. CODE is a family of nation? Prove it. Until then, I gonna live my pirate's life. I hunt were i can get much gold for less.

Donkey hawk, Bielo, Ipsi, and all ur retard fellowshipmen, if i fight you, than only if that what i wrote above is happening. Nothing personal.

It could be worse, yes, but an apologize, a simple sorry, was to much i expected. F*** y** a**

Have bad times (ig)

p.s. Your text to link here... delete your account, then i come back. or emigrate to nigeria or sth like thta