The Rise and Fall of The Real Spamicans

Day 5,667, 09:44 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Betafoxtrot

At the end of 2009, The Real Spamicans were first founded by a legend, Horice G Fossil. Half way through 2023 the party achieved a historic feat by knocking The Unity Party off of their perch as the number 1 political party in the eUK. After several years at the top there’s now a new leader in town, actively representing the country and the community.

However, in recent times TRS has come under fire for our ‘antics’ and has divided the population on whether this is a good thing or in fact has nefarious purposes.

I must admit that I haven’t been playing the game in recent years and have only recently returned but I have found myself returning into some turbulent waters. Despite the bump in election turnout since TRS’s arrival and the total revitalisation of the newspaper scene, it seems as though not everyone agrees that this period of bumper activity has been a good thing. The PP’s of both TUP and UKRP, the second and third largest parties respectively, have published articles condemning the actions of our allegedly dastardly and nefarious Party Leadership. What have our leaders been doing? Well, they have been asking people to consider joining TRS!

Everything we are accused of is not only defensible but should be encouraged. The two parties spearheading attempts to describe TRS as ‘rulebreakers’, ‘demagogues’ and ‘opportunists’ are The Unity Party and the United Kingdom Reform Party. But what do they stand for if not for the activity? Why are they so agitated at the idea of having to work for members and votes?

The Unity Party are loudly fighting for the opposite of their namesake and seem to prefer to divide the country, with transparent attempts to oppose whatever TRS’ aims and goals are.

The UK Reform Party refuses to reform anything and instead supports an atrophying status quo of inactivity and disinterest.

When I left the game it was undeniable the eUK was more active and larger than it is now and that is no one’s fault, it’s just how things go, but to see so little happening in the country and to be in the middle and wanting it to stay that way is a ridiculous position for any party to be in. They say it is fine, but it is a long-term managed decline. To complain about activity initiatives, to say that it is wrong to message citizens, and to whine that others are putting in the work, is a symptom of those who are worried they have the most to lose. Of course it is far more convenient for those to write an article here and write us off as just a bunch of trolling trouble makers than it is to engage our ideas and - more importantly - engage the population. Instead of attacking TRS, they should try giving people reasons to join these once great, old parties using positivity - not the negativity they are spewing out instead.

As for the Spamicans, we believe activity is an exceedingly positive thing and are very happy we seem to have got some old gears turning. We are striving to make the eUK a more active place - against all odds - and are continuing to pursue this with party schemes such as BUPA and our publishing of ideas for policies, bounty improvements and giveaways.

As for the accusations of trolling, brigading and other things leveled at us, these things all happen in public and so I will leave it to you as to whether they are as troubling as TUKRP suggests, or in fact just the result of a party membership who’re more active and dedicated than every other party combined.

I welcome any discussions of what I have said in the comments below and would recommend any person who would like to be part of an active party who are reasonable, and have an eUK first mindset, to join our discord and have a look for yourselves.

And if you've made your mind up, join us here.

Lots of love,