Waidmann's Hail

Day 5,650, 16:14 Published in Russia Russia by Bragge Schorsch De Elite

STFU! Don't you dare making a noise! I'm hunting...

As you see on the photo if taken from this pretty guy https://www.erepublik.com/de/citizen/profile/4571252 celebrating a little bit too much himself for his shit very good MU Hunter's Club.

Sir, me...

1) Very unknown your members of the Mu are. Everybody can see them. Retard!

2) You doing maths very well calculating the prizes. If I buy your stealing back power, who gets gold of the reward???

3)I still don't know how it works. I pay you for steal back X times, or is this contract for eternity and for every proofes hunt i'll have to pay? what if i pay in advance and you fail? If all is secretly, how can you proof that you are not making contracts with two players hunting both of them and take gold? #

4) You are painting an image of yourself as the great savior of the poor, the oppressed and the weak. Couldn't you... I don't believe you.

I think you're just a mad farmer, as good as your hunting skills are your farming skills, and if you add the both you get a pirate? Ok, since you seem to have lost ur last working brain cell, only for you my Jägermeister

Battle--> making damage --> making the highest damage after max. 2 h --> getting reward.

Hitting first and beeing from asteria and stronger that the poor guy waiting since 30 minutes for new battle --> you have no right, nada niente nix pas du tout überhaupt nicht to claim reward before at least 1 h 30.

Allzeit gute Fahrt und immer ne handbreit Wasser unterm Kiel. And greetings as always to Mr Votzman, Mr Dumbo Votznas, my little donkey hawk x3 and Serbia. I hope you all die (ingame)

edit: dear weak players of code and dwarf. if someone steals you, just mp me, i am robin hood, i hunt for free (that means you get the gold after succesfull hunt)