Change is coming! Candidacy for CP of Switzerland

Day 5,640, 13:48 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by keskese

Dear Swiss people,

This is a call for all of you who refuse to watch silently how is your game experience is being ruined day by day.

Terry Benedictt is treating you badly, all his actions send message that he does not care about you playing same card over and over.

He made selfserving coutry whose only purpose is stealing from all of us.

Please ask yourself when was the last time he or his puppets in government have issued any report on subject of spending tax money of Swiss people???

This is a clear proof that he does not care about anyone but himself and small group of his followers. It is obvious that he is a thief.

Switzerland has been lead in wrong directions.
Due to Terry, this became very stale environment in which there is no fun, no debate, no ideas, no creative actions, no active players or actions for development of new people!

I will bring new things to Switzerland which are normal in any other country like regular reporting, negotiating with other coutries on epic wars, sending arms to active players and true informing of you people.

I ask you to vote for me and also to become member of my political organisation!

It is time to send Terry and his multies to history.

Sincerly yours,
Future CP of Switzerland, Keskese