War report T. Varnas - part 2

Day 5,637, 14:36 Published in Russia Russia by Bragge Schorsch De Elite

Ladies and Gentlemen,

BE HONEST: Did you think i forgot about Mr Varnas and his fellowship of retard monkeys? NO I DIDN'T!

Please admire all following screenshots i only take when i stole from Ipsi7Tauro/Asshole/Motherfucker/...

Note that i declared meanwhile, since Tauro/... not fight every time when i am online, war to all other shithole-country-players from Dumbuania.

You might ask yourself why i didn't report while there was the mission: Well, the mission had an aim, to create interesting news, forcing the eCommunity to interact, do correct journalism,....
The most interesting article i read during this event was an article with links to other articles for endorse. To help make it fast accomplishing the mission. So, even if Plato does updates/new missions/ [add random shit].... there always will be one or a few players finding a way to manipulate the game in that way to get rewards easier. Just like in real life. eRepublik has become eCapitalism.

F*** y** T**** V***** 😃