#SPRINGBREAK 2023 Missions - Day 5,621

Day 5,623, 13:38 Published in USA Greece by B I T E R

Good afternoon to the dear eRepublik community. I wish you a Happy Easter. Unfortunately I didn't manage to write the previous article about the spring Weekly Challenge and its offers because I was quite pressured.

As usual, we have the second Spring event, with it's own offers and missions that brings many resources to our account.


5 springcoins:

● +800 Energy center for 14 Days (guaranteed to be won only on the first time)
● +20% Ground Rank Booster for 20 minutes
● 2 Small Bombs
● 10 Carrots
10 springcoins:

● +20 Energy recovery for 14 Days (guaranteed to be won only on the first time)
2.5 GOLD
● 5 Big Bombs
● 2 Prestige points booster for 5 minutes
● 25 Carrots
● 50 springcoins:

100 AIM-92 Stinger (guaranteed to be won only on the first time)
● 30 Cruise missiles
● +50% Air Damage Booster for 10 minutes
● 150 Carrots
● 100 springcoins:

Decorations (guaranteed to be won only on the first time)
Shadow Fighter Booster
● +20% Air Rank Booster for 20 minutes
● 400 Carrots

● The stingers have an expiry date of 14 days starting when they are acquired.
● The Shadow Fighter Booster has an expiry date of 21 days from the beginning of the event.
● The Carrots have an expiry date of 15 days from when they are acquired.
● The Big Bombs have an expiry date of 30 days from when they are acquired.
● Citizens have an extra day after the event to collect the rewards.

Special missions

To gain the springcoins, the citizen must complete special missions. Each of those (eleven) missions can be completed seven times but the requirements increase with each completion and are listed in the corresponding table.
War is raging
“ Battles large and small are popping up everywhere in the new world. Rookies and veterans alike are called to arms ”
Fight in 5 different Campaigns until Day 4,913 23:59

Make it count
“ You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it – Margaret Thatcher ”
Use at least 500 energy in 5 different Deploys until Day 4,913 23:59.

The world needs heroes
“ Celebrated by brothers in arms, envied by rookies and hunted by enemies their deeds are forever set in gold ”
Win 1 Hero medal until Day 4,913 23:59. Battle Hero, Sky Hero and Campaign Hero medals are counted.

Strive for prestige
“ It's a good week to have a good weekly challenge ”
Reach 100 Prestige Points in the Weekly Challenge until Day 4,913 23:59

“ The week is short and the world is wide ”
Travel 25000 Kilometers until Day 4,913 23:59

Show me the money
“ Hard work deserves fair pay ”
Work 2 times for your Employer for a salary of at least 1500 Currency until Day 4,913 23:59

Home sweet homes
“ Home is where the recovery begins ”
Activate 2 houses until Day 4,913 23:59

Ramp up production
“ Make stocks or flood the market. Will you make the right call? ”
Assign 5 Employees in your Companies until Day 4,913 23:59

The benefactor
“ Support independent journalism ”
Endorse 5 articles until Day 4,913 23:59

Protector of Nations
“ Gain Protector Levels ”
Gain 1 Protector Levels until Day 5,273 23:59

Gas Guzzler
“ Use Fuel to fight in battles ”
Use 2 Fuel to fight in different battles until Day 5,273 23:59


Travel distances:

● The raw data of the protector levels can be accessed here: Armory and doesn't update instantaneously as the citizen does damage and gains protector points.
● The prestige points reset at the end of the week. This means that the mission "Strive for prestige" cannot be completed in two different weeks as it says "Reach X Prestige Points" and doesn't say "gain X prestige points".

In order to receive the Hurricane Strike GX-23 you need to collect 10 blueprints in total. 6 of them can be found in the Missions and 4 in the Weekly Challenge.
The maximum Prestige Points of this Weekly Challenge is at 100.000.

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