[Event] Spring Break Missions - 10th to 16th of April 2023

Day 5,622, 11:16 Published in Austria Austria by Rabbit of Caerbannog

Dear eRepublikans,

These 6 days we have some Spring break missions to go through 😉

Start - Day 5620, 00:00 - 10th of April 2023
End - Day 5626, 23:59 - 16th of April 2023

Spring Break - Gold packs

We also have gold packs which will be available throughout the event as well.

Link to the Gold store: https://www.erepublik.com/en/main/gold-items

(if i will have more time, I will add more information on those in a table format - but a bit busy these days, so not sure I will make it)..

Spring coins - Unlocking the prizes

Use #springcoins to unlock prizes. You can get #springcoins by completing Special Missions available between Day 5,620, 00:00 and Day 5,626, 23:59.

You can use #springcoins to unlock prizes until Day 5,627, 23:59 - 17th of April 2023.

Each category has 1 main prize and 4 secondary prizes.

You are guaranteed to win the main prize on your first try. Each main prize can only be won once.

Note: 5 minute PP booster expires in 20 days from the day you win them

Special Spring Break Missions

Each of the 9 missions has 7 different parts to complete (is not mandatory to finish all 7, for some it will be too expensive as it seems - or impossible for some.. But don’t give up and solve those you can)

Big thanks to Curlybear for his article and permission to use the table! (I sliced it into 2 and made it a bit bigger for those on mobile phones 😉 )

Mission 01 - Make it count

Use at least 500 energy in 5 different Deploys

Advice - Use 540 energy to be sure that 'last' kill will not finish on 480 energy or similar below 500 needed for the mission.. better safe than sorry 😉

Mission 02 - The world needs heroes

Win xy Hero medals
Battle Hero, Sky Hero and Campaign Hero medals are counted.

Advice - try to respect other fighters and get those medals.. It's a jungle out there... and is not easy for most players to finish this one.. Best of luck to all 😉

Mission 03 - Strive for prestige

7/7 - Reach 40k Prestige Points in the Weekly Challenge

Mission 04 - See the world

Travel xy Kilometers

Advice - find 2 locations that are far from each other, and travel between them if you want to complete this mission.. To make things easier, open these 2 links in 2 different tabs in your browser, Travel - Refresh another tab - Travel - refresh the first tab - Travel etc.. Make sure to set the preferred method for traveling to Traveling tickets on your Profile - Settings.

I am using 4 Q5 tickets travel in one direction - almost 20k km - these 2 cities.



List of some cities with different kilometres count between them

4998 km - Syddanmark, Denmark - Ajman, UAE (1 Q5 ticket)
4998 km - Bratislava, Slovakia - Eastern Siberia, Romania (1 Q5 ticket)
9998 km - Bratislava, Slovakia - Pacifica, Colombia (2 Q5 tickets)
14999 km - Connecticut, Lithuania - Peninsular Malaysia, Poland (3 Q5 tickets)
19953 km - Wellington, Hungary - Castilla y Leon, Spain (4 Q5 tickets)

Mission 05 - Show me the money

Work x times for your Employer for a salary of at least 1500 Currency

Advice - If you don't have it still - find a job and work 🙂 as much as you can, for the best offer on the market you can get.. and be sure you work for someone who doesn't have a daily limit you reach fast.. if you have overtime tickets, work as much as possible to get the mission done.. Best of luck and let me know if you need a new boss 😉
I would also advise to new players which don’t have a lot of CC on their accounts, to pair up with some other player in the same situation - and agree about the salary and number of overtimes they will work (or tickets they will use) and solve this one together 🤗

Mission 06 - Home sweet homes

Activate houses

Advice - Q1 house prices went very high.. also job offers went up.. it will take some time till that stabilizes.. my advice here.. don't spend too much on this one as for completing the 7 of 7 for this mission, you will need to activate 50 houses..

#economyNotFixed 🙂 we will see how long it will take to get things back to 'normal' 😉

Mission 07 - Ramp up production

Assign Employees to your Companies

Mission 08 - The benefactor

Endorse articles

7/7 - 200 articles in total you need to endorse

Article with a list of articles by Danicic Predrag:

Advice - if you want to finish this mission fast, you have few options.. Many are writing articles these days.. And for you is to decide if you will endorse with 5, 50 or 100 cc endorsement - as any option counts. If you like someone's article, give him a sub as well - is just a click away 😉

There are few ways to make it faster.. Either find one of the articles which has a list of articles
OR go to Media - See more - Latest articles..
OR open one of the articles and just change the numbers in the address bar

Good thing that I saw some players who were not active in the Media so far writing again, and also completing the 25 comments missions - so it is great if you can also help someone with that while you are solving your mission 😉

Mission 09 - War is raging

Fight in xy Different Campaigns

Advice - move to some country which has lots of active battles, and make sure you use at least 40 of energy (as sometimes for a hit it takes 10, 20 up to 40 energy)
And just to note for new players, no need to use the wep (and I think if you drop only bombs, that is not included..)
Or you can deploy with 540 energy (no wep case) to solve 2 or 3 missions with one fuel / deploy.

The problematic thing for everyone here is fuel. Seems that Plato forgot to add fuel to our Weekly Challenge rewards for this week.. As we get 70 per week.. And every fuel (if we want to buy extra) will cost double. Fuel price starts with 1 gold, next one is 2 golds, third one 3 golds etc.. it increases for +1 gold with each fuel you will buy in that week. So even if you didnt fight the whole last week and used 70 fuel the last day (this Monday), and you use all 70 fuel from this week until the event is still active - you will still miss 60 fuel to reach 7/7 - Use 200 fuel mission. So not worth it if you ask me 😉 Lets just hope that Plato will fix this on our next event like this..

Expiry Dates

Don't forget that Stingers, carrots, Big Bombs and other goodies have an expiry date.

Stingers and Carrots - 15 days from when you get them
5-minute PP booster - 20 days from when you get those
Big Bombs - 30 days from when you get BBs 😉

Questions and Answers section

Q: How to be most efficient in the EPIC battles?


x5 Accelerator
50% Air dmg booster
Damage Ghost booster
20% Air rank booster
Prestige Points Booster
And lots of carrots / bars.
No weps (no stingers) if you want to make more Prestige Points.
Use stingers if you want to work on your air rank.

Ground EPIC
If you are below Legend 3 - the most efficient is to use Ghost Booster which will give you 30% of the best hit on that side
No wep if you want to be faster / make more Weekly Prestige Points with the same energy.

And this is what you put on:
Ghost booster 30% (if not your CS epic)
Damage Ghost booster
x5 Accelerator
100% Ground Damage
20% Ground rank booster

And that's all, Folks 😉
If you still have some questions - just ask in the comments or contact me over Telegram (@Rabbit_of_Caerbannog is my username there)

Have a nice rest of the day / week and I hope you will have fun in this week 😉
Be careful not to go crazy with spending (as I see, prices went up up up for some items on the market..) and don’t forget to help to younger players around you

And this time - not a music video, but instead something beautiful I wanted to share with you all..
Plitvice lakes national park in Croatia.. I hope you will enjoy 😉

Link: https://youtu.be/H1kXF7-H22c

Yours truly,
Still fluffy, happy and smiling (and ready to go further with some missions 😉 )
Rabbit of Caerbannog aka Iva Pozitiva