[Sale] Spring Sale 2023 (14-16-Mar-2023) + Spring Weekly

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Dear all,

Spring is near and This Weekly we have a special Spring Challenge

Weekly goes to 80.000 Prestige Points
There are extra Carrots as well as some Extra fuel 😉
And even after reaching 40k PP each 1k, we continue to get rewards (12 Carrots and 20 Energy Bars) which is a nice Easter Egg 🙂

Spring Sale 2023

And as you can see - we got the Spring Sale 2023 event a bit earlier this year 🙂

The event lasts for 3 days
Starts D5593 00:00:01 eRep (March 14th, 2023)
Ends D5596 23:59:59 eRep

And this is what Plato offers this year:

SHOP - 30% more of everything in the packs purchased in euros

GOLD STORE - Packs with stingers, carrots, cruise missiles, dmg boosters, and dmg accelerators
Note: All packs are available to buy max 2 times per pack

Double Energy Bars promo (max 100 times per EB pack).
10x2xEB x100 = 2730 gold
5x2xEB x100 = 1540 gold
1x2xEB x100 = 350 gold

What to buy and how much gold you need

I will focus more on Gold store packs available in my article, so here is the table with info on what they consist of, same as Sum (x1) and Sum (x2) - so you can see in total what you can get if you have enough golds to purchase all packs a maximum number of times.

Table with XS-XXL packs goodies

Table with the calculation of gold per item

The most important for new players is to keep in mind to focus on AIR rank after reaching Division 4. And stingers (air zookas as I like to call them) are amazing for that.
Each stinger has 3 hits. 1 hit will take 10 of your energy and you will put 1k air dmg with it. So with spent 30 energy, you make 3k of air dmg per 1 stinger, and that is 300 air rank points. (this is basic calculation, on top of that goes Elite citizen bonus of 10% if you reached lvl 100, Natural Enemy bonus 10% if your county has active NE law on the country you are shooting against, Air damage boosters 20 or 50% etc)

So if you have less than 3800 golds (sum needed to buy all the Gold packs for max number of times), for AIR accs my advice is to start from the smallest pack (XS), and buy as much you can in that direction, each pack max number of times = 2.
For GROUND accs, bigger values could have the packs with CM/BB, so they should start with the biggest pack (XXL) and go in that direction.
Hitter accs - EB packs on Spring sale discount are most efficient as you cant use Stingers..

Expiry Dates

Please have in mind that goodies from packs have the expiry date, so if you want them to last longer, you can buy them in the last minutes of the Spring sale event.

15 days for carrots and air bazookas 😃

30 days from the moment of the purchase for BB

Note: you can prolong it by buying packs that include BB in case you really want to spend more euros on this game 😉

Dmg accelerators (x2 for 3 minutes and x5 for 5 minutes) and Dmg booster (+100% for 8 hours in the ground and 20 / 50 % in Air) don’t expire.

End note

In my experience so far, there are 2 main groups of active players in each event
1. those who use the goodies to get more golds (fighting in TWs),
2. those who use goodies to have fun (and spend the goodies in the real Wars).

Each of us has the right to choose what to do, and how to play our account. I know what makes it more fun for me 😃 And I hope to see some real wars soon for that reason 😉
This way of play brings me fewer golds (for the next event), but I enjoy it more.. You pick your own way, but don’t forget to have fun in the process, no matter how you choose to spend all this stuff 😉

And if you go for the SH with stingers, keep in mind that ‘ the usual, unwritten SH dmg rules’ don’t apply during the times without stingers.. So you will most probably need to put a bit more dmg for the SH than usual.. (Is too bad but is how it is.. When ppl have more than usual, they tend to get a bit crazy 🙂 Is human nature I suppose..)

I hope still most of the players will respect the 1st hit rule + keeping the wall on the correct side till the end of the round, and some other rules of mutual respect which we have between Air fighters 😉 And please, if you believe someone was unfair, write a PM to that person.. Try to communicate.. And I also ask for older and stronger accs to help newer ones and returners.. For some, that 1st SH medal means a lot, and they will remember it for a long time for sure.. And it is nice if ppl who have already been here for many years and with many medals on their profiles - help to make it happen 😉

Teddy Swims - Tennessee Whiskey (Live From Our Basement)

Link: https://youtu.be/5EHqpiw50j8

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments / or find me on Telegram via username @Rabbit_of_Caerbannog 😉

Thank you for reading, and for your comments 😉

Samo jako!
Samo pozitivno!
is in the

Yours truly, still fluffy, busy with a new job in RL and smiling,
Rabbit of Caerbannog aka Iva Pozitiva 😉