War report T. Varnas

Day 5,583, 18:33 Published in Russia Russia by Bragge Schorsch De Elite

Ladies and Gentlemen,

After long time, i decided to share an update with you, how war with my very dear friend Tauro Varnas is going on.
Therefore, I make some screenshots i'd like to share, watch and enjoy.

Unfortunately, Mr. Varnas decided not to fight for a few weeks, so i couldnt hunt him. Please note, that i never fight against my country just to steal from him ( I am not dumb and help him to win against Russia, he can do with his fellowship of retard moonkeys) and that i have private life as well, but when i am online, i'll check the lithunanina battles (sometimes 😃)

My very dear friend Tauro, if you are tired, just promise not to fight against Russia again, give back our regions and i'll stop.
My very dear ex-friend persianDonkey, i didnt forget you, you are still my friend and important to me. Greetings to armin, mr crowley...

See you soon.