[Weekly] Cupids Crush Weekly with Strength Switch (14-21 Feb 2023)

Day 5,566, 05:55 Published in Austria Austria by Rabbit of Caerbannog

Between eRepublik days Day 5,565, 00:00 and Day 5,571, 23:59 share the love in Cupid’s Crush and gather the keys he’s hidden in this Week’s Challenge to earn some amazing rewards.

Each Cupid’s Key can be used to open one Cupid’s Chest in the Gold Store.
Link: https://www.erepublik.com/en/main/gold-items

Every time you open one Cupid’s Chest, you will get some Bonbons, some Gold as well as some Gifts.

Gifts have 10 bonbons (100 energy per gift).

Note: In case you received some amount but want to keep it for longer than 2 hours, you have the option to Refill your energy manually (e.g. if you received 10 gifts, then refill 1000 energy manually - see how on this link: https://prnt.sc/kek6OCo5XJs5)

More details on amounts and probabilities can be found in the Cupid’s Chest Info Panel (also in this article 😉 just scroll down a bit 😉 ).

Bonbons restore 10 Energy, are highly perishable and expire 2 hours after they are received.
Example: Citizen A sends a gift to Citizen B (offline). When Citizen B comes online, he will have 2 hours to use the received items.

At the end of the event (Day 5,572, 23:59 eRepublik time) all gifts will expire;
The remaining keys in inventories will be automatically converted into Gold (0.5 Gold for each remaining key).
All remaining Bonbons will be purged from the inventories on Day 5,573, 01:59.

Weekly Rewards

Full list of the weekly rewards - this was actually taking a lot of time and is a reason why I didnt publish the article sooner.. It is just too much work and it would be too long scroll - so I will add info later on or a link to another article if anyone already did the totals and published the full list.

Weekly Missions

Three special decorations are up for grabs during the event!
In order to get them, you’ll need to send enough gifts to meet the required milestones.

You can find a Send Gift button on each Citizen’s profile page

Mission 1 of 3:
Donate 100 gifts to other Citizens until Day 5,571 23:59

Mission 2 of 3:
Donate 300 gifts to other Citizens until Day 5,571 23:59

Mission 3 of 3:
Donate 600 gifts to other Citizens until Day 5,571 23:59

Cupid’s Chest probabilities

Probability of Gold rewards:
50% 1 Gold
25% 2 Gold
15% 3 Gold
5% 4 Gold
3% 5 Gold
2% 10 Gold

Probability of Bonbons rewards:
52.95% 10 Bonbons
24.65% 20 Bonbons
12.9% 50 Bonbons
6.5% 100 Bonbons
2.15% 200 Bonbons
0.85% 300 Bonbons

Probability of Gifts rewards:
50.75% 1 Gift
29.5% 2 Gifts
10% 3 Gifts
5.1% 4 Gifts
2.6% 5 Gifts
1.35% 10 Gifts
0.7% 20 Gifts

Each Cupid’s Key can be used to open a Cupid’s Chest in the Gold Store until Day 5,571, 23:59.

7 days of Strength Switch, yeeeey!

During this special Weekly challenge we also have an option to switch strength with other players.

If you are not an old eDinosaur who trained from 2008 or 2009 every day, and you started to play later on - or had some breaks from this eWorld - it would be a great thing for your ground rank growth if you would use this weekly to switch your strength with someone who is very stronK 😉
Anything above 350k is an extremely nice switch 😉

Q: How to find someone to switch strength?
A: Either write here in the comments or on your Friends / MU wall / Party wall - and there will be someone willing to help 😉
After the Request is sent to a player - Accept or Reject option is available.

Note: If not rejected or accepted, you will not be able to send a new request to some other player. So it is best to agree before sending the request.
There is a workaround, someone else can send you a request for str switch in this case 😉

Q: How to find a button to switch strength? / How to send Gifts to a player?
A: Just navigate to the profile of a player you wish to send the switch strength request or to whom you want to send a gift - and in the top right icons menu you will see those 2 buttons 😉
Link to test it out 🙂 https://www.erepublik.com/en/citizen/profile/9436143

End note

If you have any questions, just ask in the comments / over PM ingame / via Telegram (@Rabbit_of_Caerbannog)

And I hope you feel love, not only yesterday on the Valentines day, but also all the days during the year 🤗


Yours truly,
Still fluffy, smiling, loving, and eGrowing 😉

Rabbit of Caerbannog / Iva Pozitiva 😉