[Poem] ..for Mario searching for new challenges

Day 5,519, 06:05 Published in Croatia Austria by Rabbit of Caerbannog

Mario searched far and wide
For the perfect junior developer job
He applied to every company
But no offers came, it was a slog

He didn't let rejection bring him down
He knew his skills were top-notch
He studied and practiced every day
And kept sending out his resume batch

Finally, one day, a response came
A company was interested in his work
They invited him for an interview
Mario's face lit up with a smirk

He prepared and practiced every night
He knew he had to give it his all
The day of the interview arrived
He stood tall, ready to take the ball

The interview went smoothly
Mario answered every question with ease
The company was impressed
And offered him the job with a squeeze

Mario was overjoyed
He had finally found his dream role
He worked hard and excelled
And his career began to unfold

So never give up, dear Mario
Keep striving for your goals
Your hard work and determination
Will eventually lead to a fulfilling role

Yours truly,
Wishing you the best of luck with your search,
Rabbit of Caerbannog