Pakistani Holy Coat of Arms

Day 178, 21:24 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Suspended

Finally our invincible sand-soldiers offered our God-Emperor a victory on our legitimate borders pacification over the treacherous chinese, that, once enlightened by His Divine Majesty, should be called our brothers. We welcome them to our Leader's Realm of Peace, as we thank our fierce defenders for their brilliant self-defense operations.

We find this to be a perfect moment to introduce to the Pakistani Brotherhood a gift offered to Dio Brando The Great, designed according to His wise suggestions. The emblem of the pakistani pride, that can (should) be found attached. Please feel free of clicking on it to enlarge.

We also would like to make public the creation of the interreal edition of this paper, that could be the first on eRepublik. Aimed to people who have not yet joined the game, it reports them about the eWorld and, in detail, about our Holy Nation, encouraging them to enter the game and choose the Emperor's Realm as home when joining. This edition can be found at [a url=][/a] and pursues to collaborate on boosting our population, so every Pakistan citizen with Internet activity other than eRepublik is asked to spread that web or to take similar actions. For the same reason, invitations offers are requested, as they will be distributed by this channel.

Finally, we want to thank all the people that have read our pages, and even voted and suscribed, being the first of them, of course, our beloved God-Emperor. We hope future articles being of your interest.

We live for our Emperor.