Winter Challenge! Gifts & Snow Fight Tokens [2022]

Day 5,509, 10:55 Published in USA Greece by B I T E R

Winter Greetings to my fellow friends of eRepublik. The holidays are a joyous time – indulge yourself in things that make you feel happy, relaxed, and stress-free. I wish you lots of love, happiness, and blessings!
Day 5,509
Our Weekly Challenge starting with 0 PP and finished at 90k PP. Need to mention, after 60.500 PP, we are receiving +5 Energy Bars.
I would also like to thank Bionic Christina Aguilera for sending me the total amount of every award in this Winter Challenge. If there's a mistake, please write in the comments below.

Total Rewards in the Weekly Challenge

+50 Energy Recover
+10000 Storage
+3 50% Damage Booster for 2 hours, +1 50% Damage Booster for 8 hours, +1 50% Damage Booster for 24 hours & +1 100% Damage Booster for 2 hours
+1 Small Bomb
+20 Q5 Moving Tickets
+100 Overtime Points
+456 Treats
+42 Snow Fight Token
+267 Gift(s)
+1182 Energy Bars
+1 10% Ground Deploy Rank Points Booster for 10 minutes & +7 20% Ground Deploy Rank Points Booster for 10 minutes
+1 10% Air Deploy Rank Points Booster for 10 minutes & +5 20% Air Deploy Rank Points Booster for 10 minutes
+1 Vehicle Document
You can trade, sell or simply donate the gifts you receive from the Weekly Challenge, fighting in the battlefield or from the in-game Shop.

To send a gift to your friend, you have to visit his profile and "press" the button that says, SEND A GIFT. The gifts will be available for the next 20 days.

Now, each Gift includes 6x Treats (300 energy), 1x Gold & 1x Prestige Points. The Duration of the Prestige Points is 3 minutes and expires after 20 days.


This, can be found in the battlefield page.
NOTE: Don't forget to use the Snow Fight Tokens that will be also available for the next 20 days. This, gives you +10% extra damage from the side that you are fighting for and every person that belongs in the same regiment of your Military Unit. If you are not part of a MU, Tokens cannot be used. The Duration of it is 3 minutes!

OH! almost forgot about that. You can also earn gifts by purchasing a pack from the Shop of the game. Depending on the amount that each package costs, you will receive the corresponding number of gifts to your account.

Day 5,512

For the next 3 days, we have +30% offer to the seleceted packs in the Shop of the game. Includes War Stash, Combat Stash, Tycoon Pack, Assult Pack, Gold & Energy Bars.
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