[AAEE] Perdón por el retraso

Day 5,492, 04:19 Published in Spain Spain by Ministerio de Asuntos Exterior

Last two days, several members of the opposition attempted to sabotage our TWs nad like the cowards they are, targeted the weaker countries: 1st they failed in Galicia vs Ireland, then another fail in Extremadura vs the Czech Republic and are apparently trying to sabotage Tibet against North Korea and Algarve against the Netherlands, a Portuguese core region to make matters worse.

Edit: since this article was written they attempted, and again failed, in Oaxaca, a second time in Galicia, in Sardinia , a second time in Extremadura and now a third time in Galicia. As seen on the links with little success on their part.

In the name of the Spanish government, the Ministry of Foreing Affairs and the large majority of the eSpanish community we wish to apologize to Ireland, the Czech Republic, North Korea, the Netherlands and Portugal for the actions of a minority of resentful and sad individuals.

Those individuals won’t get off Scot Free, so here’s the list of the main perpetrators, with a link to their nickname and their MU and party affiliation:

Dios ArGeNS - ByP / PSE
Principe das Bateas and his aussie multie Inquisitor Cahimbero- FAF / FC
Maud Flanders and his aussie multie Inquisitor jangotat - ByP / GDLN
LadyGo - ByP / GDLN
Don Finidi - FAF / FC
Inquisitor Dusan - ByP / GDLN
Tomas Gravesen - UDE / Inkietud
Kyriakos Papadopoulos - UDE
CobrettiFC - FAF / FC
El abrazo del Koala (Inquisitor Skinner until recently) - FAF / FC
Sash4everr - ByP / PSE
Traxanu - FAF / FC
Sergio619 - ByP / FC
MrCafe - ByP / GDLN
Atmoral - ByP / GDLN
Me109ZiTo - FAF / FC
allbertocg - FAF / FC
Flecher - FAF / FC
Gixeska - ByP
Personahumana - FAF / FC
leodiante - FAF / FC
mudelaian - FAF / FC

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