[eRep BF] Black Friday 2022 - 26-Nov-2022

Day 5,484, 17:27 Published in Austria Austria by Rabbit of Caerbannog

Dear all,
We have been waiting for this day for 365 days 😉

What: Black Friday 2022
When: 26-Nov-2022 (lasting 24 hours, eRepublik time)

FREE Gift - 60 Amazing Coins

Don't forget to Claim your FREE BF Gift in the Shop

This will "save" you the amount of 6,000 Prestige Points (needed to get those 60 Amazing Coins through the Weekly Challenge)

Link: https://www.erepublik.com/en/main/special-items

Permanent Energy Centres (from last few years)

New Players - Check out in the GOLD Store (on the bottom) if you have available Permanent Energy Centres to buy on a discount (those are Perma Centres from Anniversary events in last couple of years, if you gathered them then - they will not be available) If I get the screenshot from someone, I will add it here 😉
UPDATE - Screenshot received, thanks for the help to everyone who wrote to me

Link: https://www.erepublik.com/en/main/gold-items

Packs in the GOLD Store

In the GOLD Store we have GOLD PACKS on the special BF Discount

Packs with Double and Tripple Bars in the GOLD Store

Double and Tripple EBs discount:

And here are the numbers 😉

Shop discounts - Packs for Euros / New Black Token Pack

For those willing to spend Euros on the game, there is a new pack available - Black Token Pack in the Store.
Link: https://www.erepublik.com/en/main/special-items

Note: Only after XS is bought (4,99 Eur), S pack is unlocked (9,99 Eur), then L, and XL)
I don't have the screenshots for other ones - but as far as I saw, amount of Loyalty points is getting bigger and bigger there 😉

Loyalty Points BF Discount

Those Loyalty Points you can use then to buy e.g. Tripple EBs on the BF Discount today 😉
This way you will get more for the same amout of Eur spent 😉

Packs for Euros in the Store

Link: https://www.erepublik.com/en/main/special-items

Company Upgrade - 30% off

30 percent of the BF Discount on the Company Upgrades is also available

Many players are waiting for 365 days for the Black Friday discounts - be one of those, even though if you don't have enough gold this year - remember to save for the next November and make a plan (discounts are usually very similar or same each year 😉 )

Steps to upgrade your company:
1. After you have e.g. Q1 Food/Wep company - go to your Companies page and hoover over it - you will see little arrow pointing up - this will give you the Company Upgrade options pop-up

Note: Air Wep and Houses Companies go max to Q5

And depending on the amount of gold you have available (after buying Perma Centres and EBs or Gold packs) or only this if you are trying to maximize your production / earn through it - calculate what you can afford 😉

But please take into consideration also that you will need the RAW materials to cover the production (either buying those or producing yourself / with workers in e.g. the case of Aircraft RAW or House RAW which, if that is more efficient in your case)
For example - for 1 Q7 wep factory you will need 8 Wep Raw companies (or buy the amount you need on some basis / calculate how much you get from Daily Missions).

And for those who maybe decided to stop some production and dissolve their companies, here is the amount of gold we get back if we do that:

End note

If you have any questions, ping me (I will be awake a bit more, but I also hope I did cover most of your questions already here) or ask in the comments here - and others can answer as well / learn smth new maybe 😉

And I wish you all to invest in the things which will bring you more fun in the game 😉


Have a nice Weekend!
Yours truly,
Still fluffy, smiling, and calculating what I can get with golds I have 🙂
Rabbit of Caerbannog