Day 5,481, 02:32 Published in USA Greece by B I T E R

Hello eRepublikans

Today we are celebrating the 15 years existance of eRepublik with a special event. This is gonna be available for 2 weeks starting on Day 5,481 00:00 and ends on Day 5,494 23:59.

Anniversary Challenge

Our Weekly Challenge starting with 0 PP and end's at 90k PP. Amazing coins are earned through the Weekly Challenge +200 via the Anniversary Pack. Amazing Coins can be used to collect the rewards of each region into the Amazing Journey Map. Need to mention, we are receiving +5 Energy Bars after 40.500 PP. After 80.000 PP we are only getting Amazing Coins..
Total Rewards from both I & II Weekly Challenges

+1200 Amazing coins
+50 Energy recovery
10.000 Storage
+4 Q5 Moving Tickets
+3 +50% Damage booster for 2 hours
+1 +50% Damage booster for 8 hours
+1 +50% Damage booster for 24 hours
+862 Energy bars
+1 Small bomb
+6 Fuels
Total skip cost for all unlocks: 17,400,000cc
Total distance for all unlocks: 1.499.000 kms (The 10€ pack, will help you to earn 150k Travel Credits instantly), otherwise you need to travel by spending currency or moving tickets. The longest distance is between Castila y Leon, Spain - Wellington, New Zealand (19.953Km).
Total Amazing coins for all unlocks: 2310
Total Energy Recovery: 150 energy/6 min
Total Temporary Energy Center: 8022 energy
Total of 100% Active House Rewards: 18
The permanent 300 energy center is located in Edinburgh, Great Britain
There's a total of 645 gold available
Total Energy Bars: 280
Total Treats: 1.080
Total Overtime Points: 1.355
Total Fuel: 15
Total Stingers: 300
Total Big Bombs: 250
Total Annihilator: 65
Total of +20% Air Damage Booster for 10 Minutes: 14
Total of +50% Air Damage Booster for 10 Minutes: 10
Total Air Rank Points for 10 Minutes: 10
Total Air Influence for 10 Minutes: 24
Total +100% Ground Damage for 2 Hours: 31
Total of +20% Ground Rank Points for 10 Miutes: 15
Total of +20 Ground Influence for 10 Minutes: 32
There's a total x5 Damage Accelerator for 5 Minutes: 35
Total of +100% Deploy Size Booster for 10 Minutes: 30
Total of +200% Deploy Size Booster for 20 Minutes: 30
Total Vehicle discharge document: 2
The decoration is located in Maiduguri, Nigeria
In order to claim the rewards, you will need to unlock the location that holds them on the special event map. During the event, the Traveled Distance and Amazing Coins will be credited to your account as event specific currencies, and a bit of each will be deducted when claiming a gift.

At the beginning of the event, you'll be able to pick any location as your starting point. Once your first location is unlocked, you'll only be able to choose from the locations which are directly linked to it, so plan your path wisely. For instance, if you unlock Spain, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria first (this is where im going to start), 4 more regions will be available to move on (Europe, South America, Africa & Egypt).

Depending on your chosen start location, you'll have to wait between 1 and 12 hours to complete the unlock process (you do not need to move in the location of the gift to start the unlock or to claim the reward). You can add up to 3 locations in the unlock queue until Day 5,494, 23:59 and you can also use your currency to speed up your unlocks or recover some lost time.

A gift in an unlocked location can be claimed at any time until Day 5,495, 23:59, provided you have the required event currency. Distance and Amazing Coins are earned starting Day 5,481, 00:00 until Day 5,494, 23:59.

Competitive players will be able to maximize their rewards by acquiring the special Anniversary Pack from the shop with in-game currency (via Game Tokens) or regular purchases.

You need to collect 20 BluePrints in total (10 for each vehicle) in order to have both these skins in your Armory
310 Amazing Coins need for Ground Skin and 360 for Air Skin.

[Guns N'Missiles

[Red Zeppelin]
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