[eRep Bday] eRepublik 15th Anniversary Weekly I and II (22-Nov to 5-Dec-2022)

Day 5,478, 09:50 Published in Austria Austria by Rabbit of Caerbannog

Hi to all!

eRepublik is celebrating 15th Birth-day, so starting on Tuesday 22nd of November, a special 2 weeks of eRepublik Anniversary starts!

Start - 5,481, 00:00 (22nd of November 2022)
End - 5,494, 23:59 (5th of December 2022)

Distance and Amazing Coins from the Weekly will be rewarded in that period.

Gifts in unlocked locations can be CLAIMED until Day 5,495, 23:59 (6th of December 2022)

20-Nov-2022 - Free Gift is available 😉 https://www.erepublik.com/en/main/special-items

Claiming cost:

10 coins 1h 4k km
20 coins 2h 9k km
30 coins 4h 17k km
40 coins 8h 35k km
60 coins 12h 52k km

Unlocking with CC (instead of hours of waiting) - but I don't recommend this 😉 as we have more than enough time (12 extra hours you could lose in this 15 days 😉 )

1h = 50k cc
2h = 100k cc
4h = 200k cc
8h = 400k cc
12h = 600k cc

Map of the Amazing Journey event

Link to the Amazing Journey map: https://www.erepublik.com/en/main/anniversaryQuest

Also check this link 😉 https://platools.pyfjs.com/static/map15.html
Thank you, nesto222 😉

Rewards in total

Thanks to Siaan Kaan for the list 😉

Booster % Minutes Qtn
Air Rank 20 10 10
Air Influence 20 10 24
Air Damage 20 10 14
Air Damage 50 10 10
Ground Rank 20 10 15
Ground Influence 20 10 31
Ground Damage 100 120 31
Deploy Size 200 10 30
Deploy Size 100 10 30
Accelerator 5X 5 30

Energy 15 days Qnt
EenergyBars 280
Treats 1080
15 recovery/6 min 10
Recovery bonus for active houses 18
Energy Center for 15 days 7620

Gold 620
Big Bombs 260
120M Bombs 65
Stingers 270
Overtime Points 1035
Permanent Center 300 energy in Edinburgh
Decoration 1 in Nigeria
Tank Bluprints 10
Air Blueprints 10
Fuel 15
Discharge Doc 2

Information about the Amazing Journey event

Source: eRep Amazing Journey banner information

We’ve prepared plenty of exciting rewards in this year’s Amazing Journey event, as we celebrate 15 years of eRepublik!

In order to claim the rewards, you will need to unlock the location that holds them on the special event map. After you unlock a gift, you'll need to prove yourself a worthy citizen, who does a little bit more than just log in. During the event, the Traveled Distance and Amazing Coins will be credited to your account as event-specific currencies, and a bit of each will be deducted when claiming a gift.

At the beginning of the event, you'll be able to pick any location as your starting point. Once your first location is unlocked, you'll only be able to choose from the locations which are directly linked to it, so plan your path wisely. For instance, if you unlock London first, Paris and Edinburgh will become available. After unlocking Edinburgh, Paris will still be available as a valid pick.

Depending on your chosen start location, you'll have to wait between 1 and 12 hours to complete the unlock process (you DO NOT need to move in the location of the gift to start the unlock or to claim the reward). You can add up to 3 locations in the unlock queue until Day 5,494, 23:59 and you can also use your currency to speed up your unlocks or recover some lost time.

The gifts are not unique, therefore a player can get multiple gifts of the same type. Energy recovery is cumulative, getting 2 of them will increase your recovery rate each time.

A gift in an unlocked location can be claimed anytime until Day 5,495, 23:59, provided you have the required event currency. Distance and Amazing Coins are earned starting Day 5,481, 00:00 until Day 5,494, 23:59.

Competitive players will be able to maximize their rewards by acquiring the special Anniversary Pack from the shop with in-game currency (via Game Tokens) or regular purchases.

Articles and links

https://www.erepublik.com/de/article/15th-anniversary-map-2761052/1/20 by Teammensch

https://www.erepublik.com/de/article/an-amazing-journey-rewards-map-2761029 by Nuclear Plato

Full list of the Weekly rewards

Tips and Tricks

And some tips..
1. Change your preferred traveling method to cc (Profile - Edit Profile - Game options) and use cc by default. Change to tickets only when you will travel to collect kilometers needed for the claiming. And after that change back to cc.
I use the following 2 regions to get the kilometers 😉
New Zealand / Croatia, Wellington - Spain, Castilla y Leon = 19953km = 4 Q5 tickets
Hint: Open locations in 2 tabs in your browser, and Travel - move to another tab, refresh - Travel - move to another tab, refresh - Travel and repeat until you collect enough km for the rewards you plan to claim
Castilla y Leon:

2. Make sure you have enough food

3. If possible, buy sets of houses (q12 or q123 if possible, for the next 4 weeks).

4. Before activating the houses make sure your residence has less than 49 residents. Move if is more than that.
Activate houses before claiming the Anniversary rewards related to the house bonus refill/pool size (https://prnt.sc/azjvNzoZDAnE)

5. Decide what you will focus on more, ground or air goodies and make a plan on the map how to reach what you want.

6. We have more than enough time to unlock everything (12 hours extra), but also it is possible we will forget to put more locations in the Queue, so my advice is to put alarm clocks 😃 this helps me 😃

7. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments or on Telegram (@Rabbit_of_Caerbannog) or via PM in-game 😉

This is how I started 😉 With some info for the new players what is where 😉

1200 Amazing Coins in 1 Weekly Challenge in total if you reach 90k PP
1.499.000 Km is needed for all the locations

Total amazing coins you need for the prizes = 2310
The total amount of coins we can get from both Weekly Challenges (90+90PP) = 2400

If you will not buy the Anniversary pack, you can lose only 90 amazing coins in total.

In the pack, there are extra 200 Amazing Coins (so with it, you need to reach 80k PP in both weekly challenges to be able to Claim all the rewards from the map).
Additionally in the pack you will get 150,000 Km - so this way you will save some traveling tickets and time.

P.S. For those asking why residence with less than 49 residents - here is the table 😉


Have a nice day you all!

Yours truly, still fluffy and smiling while planning where to start on the map,
Rabbit of Caerbannog