Day 5,462, 14:37 Published in USA Greece by B I T E R

Greetings to beloved eRepublik Community!

As we've all realized, on Day 5,460 an event arrived in our community that we didn't expect to show up. We were all waiting for the Halloween Weekly Challenge, Sales or a new Air/Ground Skin at the end of it, but it never happened. Despite this, a new Weekly Challenge appeared with the name of Crypto Vault Heist. The last time a similar event about Crypto was back in 2011.

Total Rewards in Weekly Challenge:

+50 Energy Recover
+10000 Storage
+20 Q5 Moving Tickets
+3 50% Damage Booster for 2 Hours, +1 50% Damage Booster for 5 Hours, +1 50% Damage Booster for 24 Hours
+1 Small Bomb
+248 Pumpkins
+923 Energy Bars
+5 10% Ground Deploy Influence for 10 Minutes, +1 20% Ground Deploy Influence for 10 Minutes
+1 10% Deploy size Booster for 10 minutes
+5 10% Air Deploy Rank Points Booster for 10 Minutes +1 20% Air Deploy Rank Points Booster for 10 Minutes
+300 Satoshi Vault Keys
First of all, the Weekly Challenge ends at 90,000 PP and will be available for the next 3 weeks (21 days).

NOTE: After 40,000 PP we get +5 Energy Bars instead of +20, so you realize that you will need to burn enough in order to finish it.
Let's see in 10 steps how the event works and how you can win through it.

1. The Reward is devided into three Weekly Challenges during the Rewards Period (each a "Weekly Challenge"), each Weekly Challenge has a Satoshi prize poll (the "Reward Pool").

NOTE: There's $2500 in Bitcoin up for grabs every week! 💸

2. By Fighting and completeling Daily Tasks, you have the chance to collect Satoshi Vault Keys throught the Weekly Challenge.

3. You can use these Satoshi Vault Keys (can be found in your storage) to open Satoshi Boxes in the eRepublik Gold Store.

4. Opened Satoshi Boxes (A maximum of 100 chests can be opened at once) enable entrants to earn Satoshis (SATs is the smallest unit of Bitcoin where 1 Bitcoin = 100,000,000 Satoshis) as long as the weekly Reward Pool is not depleted. The Reward Pool it is divided into 6 stages.
Overflowing (100-80% )
Abundant (80-60% )
Sufficient (60-40% )
Limited (40-20% )
Scarce (20-0% )
Depleted (0% ).

NOTE: The Weekly Reward Pool it is renewed once a week, so i would suggest you to spend your Satoshi Vault Keys to open Satoshi Boxes instead of stack them (cannot be sold).

5. Every Satoshi Box, gives you x30 Satoshis

6. You can see your total Satoshi Balance in your Storage.

7. By pressing the Claim button, you have to agree the Terms and Conditions in order to send Satoshis to yourself or to a third person.

8. You can transfer up to 500 Satoshis per day by filling the gamer-tag that asks. These are transferred to Zebedee Wallet

NOTE: You can transfer more SATs than 500 per day by using the app.

Any kind of Satoshi Donations is well appreciated it. My gamertag is

9. In order to have a Zebedee Wallet, you need to create an account on (the app can be downloaded in App Store, Google Play, Chrome & Firefox)

NOTE: You DONT have to create an account if you want to send Satoshis to others. ONLY those who want to accept Satoshis are forced to create.

10. The Reward shall commence at 7:00am Coordinated Universal Time (“UTC”) on November 1st and shall end at 8:00am UTC on November 21st (the “Reward Period”). Earned Satoshi can be claimed until December 5th.
Day 5,481

We all knew that the Satoshi's that had been left in our storage will get expired due to the restriction of 500 SATs daily. With a new post by Plato, from Day 5,481, everyone is able to send 3,000 SATs daily. So you will be able to either transfer them to others or to your personal Zebedee wallet.

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