[Halloween] All Hallows Eve - 29-31-Oct-2022 + Spin with ghosts

Day 5,460, 05:24 Published in Austria Austria by Rabbit of Caerbannog

Start date - 29-Oct-2022 (Saturday) D5457
End date - 31-Oct-2022 (Monday) D5459

All Hallow's Eve

It’s that time of the year when monsters, witches, zombies and ghosts come crawling out of their hideouts. And this year, they decided to have a different kind of party.

Deployment loot

Between Day 5,457, 00:00 and Day 5,459, 23:59 all deployments with 100 energy or more will offer a chance to get special treats:
Dark Ghost Boosters (Ghost Booster’s big brother), Pumpkins and Shadow Boosters.

The more energy you commit to deployment, the better the chances to collect treats.

Please remember to put all the Shadow Boosters and Dark Ghost Boosters to good use before Day 5,479, 23:59!

You can always check your inventory for exact expiration details of event items.

Dark Ghost Booster you can activate in the Ground battle zones, for all Countries except your CS Country (and your location needs to be in that country region).

Halloween Packs offer

Thanks to Curly for the table!!! 🤗

3 days of the ghosty Halloween Spin

Power Spin Power-up

Power Spin will also feature Dark Ghost Boosters and Shadow Boosters as rewards. Battlefield Heroes will receive the following extra-rewards that they can use in Power Spin:

Battle Hero: 1x Free Spin;
Sky Hero: 1x Free Spin;
Campaign Hero: 5x Free Spins

Free Spins are Temporary Items and expire at the end of each Day.
Unused Free Spins do not carry from one day to the other.

Expiry dates

Pumpkins, Stingers and EBs gathered on the day 1 will expire on Day 5,472, 23:59

Shadow fight boosters and Ghost boosters 5 min will expire on Day 5,479, 23:59

Have a nice day you all!

Yours truly, still fluffy and smiling,
Rabbit of Caerbannog