All Hallow's Eve & Crypto Vault [2022]

Day 5,459, 15:45 Published in Serbia Greece by B I T E R

Good afternoon to the Dear community of eRepublik. As we all know, on Friday 29/10 we had Halloween day. Unfortunately, I did not intend to upload an article that day, because I was away on a 3-day trip to Athens.

Initially, All Hallows' Eve will be available for 3 days, from Day 5,457 up to Day 5,469. With this, we have the chance to collect special treats such as: Dark Ghost Boosters, Pumpkins and Shadow Boosters. The more energy you spend on a deploy, the better your chances of collecting candys (read below).

100% Dark Ghost Booster

Add 100% of the Best Damage per Hit in a Ground Battle to your Damage for 5 mins.
Expires on Day 5,479, 23:59

NOTE: Dark Ghost Booster doesn't affects the True Patriot (you can't use it to fight for your country), but you can earn Protector Points, so don't miss the chance to increase the Points of your Skin that you Enrolled to a Country.

Restore 50 energy per Pumpkin
+100% Shadow Fighter

Deal 100% more damage for one round
Expires on Day 5,479, 23:59

NOTE: Shadow Figher doesn't affects the True Patriot (you can use it to fight for your country) and you can also earn Protetor Points, so don't miss the chance to increase the Points of your Skins that you Enrolled to a Country.

Power Spin is available for Day 5,457 up to Day 5,459

The Power Spin will also feature Dark Ghost Boosters and Shadow Boosters as rewards. B/S/CHs will also receive extra rewards that can be used in Power Spin:
Battle Hero: 1x free spin; Sky Hero : 1x free spin; Campaign Hero: 5x Free Spins

You can also find in the Shop the Tank Pack XS and Aviator Pack XS available for 3 days and the Free Halloween Gift (1 day) that contains x50 Pumpkins and x1 Prestige Points Booster.

Crypto Vault is an event which gonna be available in 15 hours. As far as I know, it first appeared at Christmas 2011. Of course, at that time I was not a member of the New World.

Between Days 5,460 and 5,480 for progressing in the Weekly Challenge we will receive a reward, Satoshi Keys.

These Keys can be used to open Boxes in the Gold Store, which will contain certain amounts of Satoshi (1 Bitcoin = 100,000,000 Satoshis, with a change of 1 Satoshi = 0,00021 €).
The Event gives us to understand that the sooner progress is made in the Weekly Challenge, the better for each person will be, because the boxes will be limited and as the event is described. It seems to be implied that the limit will not be individual but global, without determining whether there is any additional atomic limit (typical in Plato).

You can claim your Satoshis at any time by transferring them to a Bitcoin Lightning wallet, having a department in the storage dedicated to this task and providing this service from an eRepublik partner dedicated to the crypto sector.

The Keys to opening the Satoshi boxes will expire on Day 5,480 at 23.59 and Satoshis that have not been transferred to the Wallet before Day 5494 at 23:59 will be deleted from the game.

The Lightning Network (also referred to as Lightning or LN) is a scalability solution built on top of Bitcoin that allows users to make environmentally friendly Bitcoin transactions quickly and with virtually no fees. The Bitcoin services are provided by our partner
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