Autumn Sales & Weekly Challenge [2022] +1 Feature

Day 5,424, 06:15 Published in USA Greece by B I T E R

Good afternoon once again to the eRepublik community.

Today, (Day 5,424) we have the Autumn offers on the Shop and Gold Store (available for 3 days), as every year. The truth is that many of you (like me) thought the offers would come a week earlier. Tomorrow I will also upload the total rewards we will get from the Weekly Challenge.

First, let's start with the Autmun Packs (XS-XL). The total gold required to purchase all 5 packages (each can be bought from 2 times), is at 3,800 Gold, as every time.

Personally, the value of these packages has fallen since the new Fuel update arrived. This restriction of farming has made the bombs and stingers that give these packages unnecessary, to those who are looking at how to use them in order to farm. On the other hand, stingers and pumpkins can be harnessed for faster rank up and bombs to quickly raise money through True Patriot.
All other rewards, such as 100% Ground Damage Booster, 20% Air Damage Boosters and x2 Damage Accelerators are something left over in most of them's warehouses.

On the other hand, many people are also concerned about the purchase of Energy Bars that have come out on offer. The total amount of this bars is 4,620 Gold. Therefore, the total number of both (Autmun Packs & Energy Bars) are at 8,420 Gold.
It's a large amount that several players don't have in order to buy all the offers.

The most ideal purchase would be to buy the first two Autumn Packages (XS-S) at the value of 300 Gold and invest all the other Gold in the Energy Bars. At this way, you will be able to finish tomorrow's Weekly Challenge, which will probably reach up to 80k (and special award) and at the same time you will not run out of Energy Bars in your storage, since you will need them in order to collect the candies that will be in the Weekly Challenge.

For someone who plays with money in the game, it would be ideal to buy the War Stash (13% more Rank Points when fighting) and Combat Stash (13% more gold for every achievement) packages that give 30% more product.
This way you will be able to quickly recover the gold you spent these days in order to use it in the next big events that are coming (winter will be long).
Day 5,425
The maximum Prestige Points are 90.000
There's no Decoration or any kind of Skin in Air or Ground at the end of WC
We have Fuel reward (I’m surprised)! I still don't believe where we can use all of them (even if we have stingers), so i still support the idea to invest the gold to EB's and not Autmun Packs.

For the first time we have the ability to see the entire Weekly Challenge as well as the rewards it provides us. This feature was only available in the game's app, but they also brought it to the browser.
All you have to do, is tap on the icon that says "Next reward" (Top left in the red dot).

Autumn Challenge rewards
In Total:

+50 Energy Recover
+10000 Storage
+500 Overtime Points
+20 Q5 Moving Tickets
+3, +1 & +1 50% Damage Booster for 2, 8 & 24 Hours
+1 Small bomb
+1662 Energy Bars
+100 Fuel
+788 Pumpkins
+9 & +2 10%/20% Air Deploy Rank Points Booster for 10/20 minutes
+9 & +2 10%/%20 Ground Deploy Rank Points Booster for 10/20 minutes
+10 & +1 100%/200% Deploy Size Booster for 10/20 minutes
+5 & +2 10%/20 Air Deploy Influence Booster for 10/20 minutes
+5 & +2 10%/20% Ground Deploy Influence Booster for 10/20 minutes
Day 5,425
Power Spin
Available from Day 5,425 till Day 5,428

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