Watch the Fireworks Erupt

Day 5,350, 16:00 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Rican


Hello Swiss Freedom Party (SFP) members,

First of all I wish to thank chris jonadicus for all of his hard work as Party President for so long. He has done extremely well in keeping the party organized. We have been friends for a long time and I have only good things to say about him.

So why am I running for Party President

I think I can improve things for our members. This party was started by me and Paul Proteus about twelve years ago. I have a thing for it. What thing ??? Passion, loyalty and hope.

If you are kind enough to elect me, this is what I propose for this term:

► I plan to rejuvenate the party by including missions with prizes.

► I plan to increase the membership by offering incentives for new members.

Why not try me out for a month and see what I can do.
Vote for me and watch the fireworks erupt this term

Your OLD friend,

Uncle Rican