The Celebration of Air Vice Marshal [Giveaway]

Day 5,322, 15:20 Published in Saudi Arabia Greece by B I T E R

Hello eRepublikans!

Today (Day 5,322), im celebrating my new Aircraft Rank, Air Vice Marshal. I became the 1st citizen in Saudi Arabia to achieve the rank of Air Vice Marshal.It took me many years to achieve it, but i think it was worth it, since personally, i think i have achieved the maximum for my account, either in farming or in the level corresponding to the air rank i have reached at the moment. I don't know how actively i will be involved from now on after this achievement, but i will definitely be here for my Friends and Allies and the game itself because i like it, despite the years and time i've spent.

So, to celebrate it, i will make a small Giveaway.

One lucky Citizen, will be able to get one Token Pack XS freely!

Follow the steps to enter the Giveaway.

1) Vote the Article (300 in total).

2) Endorse the Article with 100cc to take a number.

3) Write a comment to let you know witch number do you have (It's optional).

The Giveaway will end at Day 5,329 and when it reach 300 Votes in total.

The article will be automatically updated when the winner is declared after the Day 7.
Day 5,329
The Lucky number and the Winner of the Giveaway of Token Pack XS is 258.

Congratulations Uncle Bob 25
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