D1 Housing Program is Back!

Day 5,313, 02:08 Published in USA USA by USA Department of the Interior
Back by popular demand! The D1 Housing Program is an eUSA government initiative to help provide houses to new players who might otherwise be unable to afford it. When there's enough room in the budget the program also compensates higher level players when funds are available.

Essentially, the D1 Housing Program provides refunds to players who purchase D1 Houses. The steps to sign up for the program are simple:
1. Buy a D1 House from an AMERICAN SELLER
2. Screenshot your purchase
3. Post a screenshot on Tito Magnus's D1 Housing Program posts on the National Feed.
4. Wait for the government to send you your refund

As you can see, there are some limitations on the program. To qualify you must buy a house from an American seller. Additionally, because the program intends mainly to help new players with less funds, the program will prioritize refunding lower ranked players first. AND if you are a new player and don't have the funds to buy a house, just message Tito Magnus for a loan and he'll provide you the funds.

Keep an eye out for Secretary of the Interior Tito Magnus's posts on the national feed to sign up for the program!