[Event] Balloon Bonanza - 31-May-22 to 06-Jun-22

Day 5,305, 12:04 Published in Austria Austria by Rabbit of Caerbannog

Hi to all!

Seems that Plato wants us to find the inner child in the new Weekly Challenge starting on 31-May-2022 🙂 So we will have a special weekly challenge starting tomorrow.

Start 31-May-2022 00:00:01 eRep time
End 06-Jun-2022 23:59:59 eRep time

60k prestige points needed to complete the weekly.

Additional rewards (Tnx to Mixi, detailed list in this article) include
Maverick pack booster (2hrs, 30 days expiry after collecting the reward)

Packs in Gold store have no treats/bars unfortunately.. (will create full table later when I catch more time)

New filter added - Events - Balloonanza

Information about the event

Let’s celebrate summer and the children within us with a special game of tag.

The Children’s Day special event allows citizens to earn Funky Balloon Boosters by progressing through the Weekly Challenge.

Funky Balloon Boosters can be activated from the Battlefield and will increase the Battlezone’s Hero Achievement Reward.

Once activated for a side, the citizen winning the Battle Hero/Sky Hero for that side will receive +100% Gold for the achievement.

A citizen can only activate one Funky Balloon Booster on each battlezone/side but up to 10 different citizens can use their Funky Balloon Boosters on the same battlezone/side bringing the extra gold bonus to up to +1000%.

As everybody should be able to play Fair Play Funky Balloon Boosters cannot be activated in Civil Wars and can only be activated in Fresh and Early stages of Battles (up to minute 60 of a battle).

All battles in which Funky Balloon Boosters have been used can be viewed on the Campaigns Page using the event filter.

Expiry of the items

Funky Balloon Boosters are Temporary Items and will expire on Day 5,313, 23:59.

Maverick pack booster (last for 2hrs, 30 days expiry after collecting the reward)

End note

I know there will be a Wild West starting tomorrow.. but try to play fair.. respect others.. try to help to new players which need more golds.. and after all, remember that this is only a game 😉

And please, if you want to contact someone over some BH or SH - do it politely 😉 Doesn't cost you much, and who knows.. maybe you will find another similar minded / hearted person on the other side of the screen 😉

Dear Flying Rabbits EMU members > keep your ears and eyes on our MU wall in next days, we will try to organise some battles with BunnyBonanza 🤗

Link: https://youtu.be/_FrOQC-zEog

Have a nice day you all!

Yours truly, still fluffy and smiling,
Rabbit of Caerbannog