[DoI] Aviation Competition!

Day 5,268, 20:45 Published in USA USA by USA Department of the Interior

Department of the Interior - Erepublik Day 5268 (Saturday, April 23, 2022)

Today's Interior Topics
1 | Aviation Competition
1 | Aviation Competition

Aviation Goals Competition

The competition will last between the 26th of April until the 3rd of May. Prizes will be delivered shortly after.

Who can participate?

Any American aviator with an aircraft rank up to Wing Commander*****, as long as he/she has a maximum strength of 200,000. Airmen will be divided into groups as follows:

Group 1:
a) Airman (0)
b) Airman 1st Class
c) Airman 1st Class*
d) Airman 1st Class**
e) Airman 1st Class***
f) Airman 1st Class****
g) Airman 1st Class*****
h) Senior Airman
i) Senior Airman*
j) Senior Airman**
k) Senior Airman***
l) Senior Airman****
m) Senior Airman***** (2,339)

Group 2:
a) Staff Sergeant (2,340)
b) Staff Sergeant*
c) Staff Sergeant**
d) Staff Sergeant***
e) Staff Sergeant****
f) Staff Sergeant*****
g) Aviator
h) Aviator*
i) Aviator**
j) Aviator***
k) Aviator****
l) Aviator***** (35,499)

Group 3:
a) Flight Lieutenant (35,500)
b) Flight Lieutenant*
c) Flight Lieutenant**
d) Flight Lieutenant***
e) Flight Lieutenant****
f) Flight Lieutenant*****
g) Squadron Leader
h) Squadron Leader*
i) Squadron Leader**
j) Squadron Leader***
k) Squadron Leader****
l) Squadron Leader***** (428,999)

Group 4:
a) Chief Master Sergeant (429,000)
b) Chief Master Sergeant*
c) Chief Master Sergeant**
d) Chief Master Sergeant***
e) Chief Master Sergeant****
f) Chief Master Sergeant*****
g) Wing Commander
h) Wing Commander*
i) Wing Commander**
j) Wing Commander***
k) Wing Commander****
l) Wing Commander***** (5,019,999)

How does the competition work?

The top 3 of every group will be awarded the following prizes:

First Place: 20k USD
Second Place: 10k USD
Third Place: 5k USD

Everyone else will receive a participation prize of 1k as long as they do 20% of the damage done by the third place.

Terms and conditions

All TWs in the eUSA are included in the air damage count.

Being that:

When eUSA attacks a region we lose the campaign.
When eUSA defends itself, we win the campaign.

In order to participate, please post in the comments section of the article that you are participating!
Secretary of Interior Harvey R Specter