How is this possible?

Day 5,253, 05:17 Published in Russia Russia by Bragge Schorsch De Elite


Looking for some Persian Gulf fighters to play with, i found this battle.

Having 27k dmg (yellow marker) he is not only under 50% but far away from the half while my friend Emran Irani with 25k dmg (red marker) hold the wall at 99%.

No, I refreshed many times, this was not just after the guy on the USA side hit.
No, I checked the profile of the 27kdamage guy, he has not an active pack which makes his dmg not count.
Yes, maybe my friend Emran has used a booster for 10+influence, idk.

Do you have another solution?
Thx and regards

P.S. I know that i might ask something very stupid, but hey, thats me 🙂