[eRep Update] Introducing the Daily Challenge

Day 5,251, 16:24 Published in Austria Austria by Rabbit of Caerbannog

Dear all,

From 06-April-2022 - D5252 - we will have some additional goodies on daily basis 😉

The daily challenge

Note: I will update the article when we have more info, for now adding information from the Latest updates

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Article by OEBernd

Starting Day 5,252, engaged Citizens will be able to get more goodies from their regular day to day activities, regardless whether you're a soldier, a worker or a manager.

Completing the various missions in the Daily Challenge (such as traveling, working, training or completing the Daily Order) will reward both Prestige Points and Daily Activity Points.

Five Daily Reward Crates, each containing valuable rewards, can be unlocked with Activity Points each day. Missions and Crates refresh every day at Day Change and activity points do not carry on from one day to another.

Once all the Daily Crates have been unlocked, further progress in the Daily Missions will still be possible, but there will be no other reward for completing them apart from the mission rewards themselves.

You can unlock the Daily Reward Crates using any combination of Daily Missions.

Old Daily missions vs New Daily challenge

New Daily missions basically include most of the activities we were performing in our eLives.

From 2click to multiclick 😉

Yes, I know, many are not happy by clicking more than 2 times to work and train.. but some goodies we get might get you to be more active in clicking around 🙂

By doing the usual actions you did during the day, most probably you will get more than you were getting before this latest update.

To get 100 Activity points, one of the ways is
1. Work + work overtime
2. Train
3. Solve your MU DO (800 energy is enough to get 25 kills in Air battle)
4. Fight in another 2 battles (to spend 3 fuel in total). I fought in ground battle with 10 min 50% booster (I have a lot of those), dropped one small bomb and spent 30 energy with Q1 wep
5. Navigate to the Monetary market and buy at least 0.01 gold or 0.01 cc
6. Buy e.g. 1 Q1 food from the market
7. X2 accelerator is also considered as booster.
8. ... need to check and update 🙂

As a result, I had 100 Activity points after Claiming Daily missions.
With 100 AP you can claim then all 5 Daily chests.

In case if you have some questions, feel free to ask in the comments 😉

Rewards in the Daily Chests

Chest 1

Chest 2

Chest 3

Chest 4

Chest 5

Reward Totals


We will see tomorrow what awaits for us 🙂 I hope it will bring more fun 😉
If you have any questions, feel free to ask 😉

And some music for the end..
Oliver $ & Jimi Jules 'Pushing On'

Link: https://youtu.be/vxwVhSClB74

Yours truly,
Still fluffy, happy to see some new things being added to our eWorld, and smiling 🙂
Rabbit of Caerbannog