[eRep Missions] Spring Challenge 2022

Day 5,235, 14:22 Published in Austria Austria by Rabbit of Caerbannog

Dear all,

Seems we could have a special Weekly Challenge + some new missions in the following 2 weeks 😉

Spring break special weekly challenge

Week 1: DRAGONFLY U-22A CHALLENGE (I) D5236 22-Mar to D5242 28-Mar
Week 2: XYZ (II) D5243 29-Mar to D5249 04-Apr

I will update the article when we have more info, but for now big thanks to Curly for sharing info about goodies / missions.

This weekly challenge (I) goes to 100k pp and we get stingers, extra carrots and some other goodies 😉

From 20k to 79k pp we get 20 Energy Bars every 1k pp
80k pp - the last Dragonfly U-22A blueprint and no rewards after that till
100k pp - 1 Vehicle discharge document

A detailed list of the Weekly challenge awards can be found here (thanks Mixi)


Spring break Missions

Note: seems a lot of energy spent will be needed, so we all hope that we will have 2 weeks for these milestones... = Yup, 2 weeks ahead of us 😉

Expiry datess

Carrots from the weekly expire on D5251, 23:59
Carrots from the mission gathered on the 1st day of the Weekly expire D5263 23:59 eRep time

Stingers from the weekly challenge gathered on the first day of WC expire on D5251, 23:59

Special vehicle blueprints

Seems this is the Air skin:


This one made me dance.. maybe will have the same effect on some of you as well 😉 If not, feel free to share some music which does in the comments 😉

The Shapeshifters feat. Teni Tinks 'When Love Breaks Down'

Link: https://youtu.be/61AFDWsJU4I

I hope you are all well and keeping safe!
And wish you a nice morning / day / night 🤗
Yours truly,
Still fluffy, happy that Spring has come, and ofc - smiling 🙂
Rabbit of Caerbannog